Valentine’s jam sessions: Music that fits February to a T

Oh look, it’s Valentine’s Day—the highlight of the year for all things lovey-dovey. It’s also the time when everything gets a little too corny and cheesy, when people drown in the scent of overpriced flowers and the sweetness of typical chocolate. No matter whether you’re a bitter skeptic, a hopeless romantic, or none of the above, these are songs that will help make the season a little less cringe-worthy for everyone—even for just a little while.


For: The emotions in a muddle
Album: Blonde by Frank Ocean
After four long years of waiting, the Internet went wild when Frank Ocean came out of hiding and dropped his latest album filled with a lot of introspection, massive feels, and just the right amount of tweet-able lyrics.
Your jam: Ivy



For: The downright doe-eyed
Album: Kaleidoscope Dream by Miguel
Miguel puts together heartfelt serenades in this album that practically screams “affection,” which isn’t the worst idea for those with their rosy-colored glasses.
Your jam: Adorn



For: The gloomy singles
Album: Continuum by John Mayer
There’s probably no better way to get sentimentally single this Valentine’s Day than with John Mayer’s hits. Side effects may include lots of alcohol, tears, and unwarranted texts to your ex.
Your jam: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room



For: The hopeless romantics
Mixtape: Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper
Upbeat, sentimental, and gospel—Chance has it all in this fun-packed mixtape that became a hot topic in its release last year and immediately found its way to millions of people’s music libraries. Whether to your family, your friends, or that random nobody walking down the street—there’s just a lot of love to give this season.
Your jam: Juke Jam



For: The euphorically old-school
Album: In Square Circle by Stevie Wonder
Nothing does “romance” better than the 80s throwbacks that your parents probably got all “romantic” over back in the day. Stevie Wonder’s album is one of love songs, jolly tunes and positive vibes and it’s highly contagious.
Your jam: Overjoyed


South Border

For: Your timeless iniirog
Album: South Border by South Border
Everyone’s favorite R&B OPM band raised the bar for Filipino R&B culture with their tunes that have been stuck in our heads for decades. Always expect somebody to belt one out from this album in karaoke. Remember, it’s South Border … by South Border.
Your jam: Love of My Life


For: The happy, the sad, and everything in between
Album: Doo Wops & Hooligans by Bruno Mars
Doo Wops & Hooligans is an album filled with… well, love—tragic, platonic, or unrequited. Choosing a song that fits that Valentines’ Day mood won’t be a challenge as the album has everything.
Your jam: Talking to the Moon


Chris Brown

For: The LiL`ZhuPlados and SupLaDas_03
Album: Exclusive by Chris Brown
Admit it or not, this album guided you through your jeje days way back in elementary school and even through those low-key “GM” (group messages) quotes when it was only sent to your high school crush. As the perfect example of the Valentines theme in all its corny glory, there’s no way you’ll ever forget how these lhuV sOngZ made you feel back in the day.
Your jam: Superhuman



For: The anxious skeptics
Album: Gossamer by Passion Pit
Made up of ten percent songs and ninety percent pure, grade-A cynicism, this album really puts the anti-love opinion into your overly pessimistic perspective.
Your jam: Love is Greed



For: The wandering hearts
Album: Unbreakable Smile by Tori Kelly
We all have that special someone that we may or may not have met yet, and Tori Kelly can make you pine for both situation with songs about self-love and selfless love alike.
Your jam: I Was Made for Loving You



For:  The fallen kings and queens
Album: Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends by Coldplay
Even modern royalty (namely you) fall from grace sometimes—be it in academics or even in love—so tune in and lament like a true noble would.
Your jam: Viva La Vida



For: Those who run the world
Album: Joanne by Lady Gaga
This album speaks to all of the women out there, reminding them of their strengths—their limitless capabilities and potential, and asks that they love, rather than antagonize, each other.
Your jam: Hey Girl



For: The overflowing emotions
Album: Last Call by Ron Pope & The District
If “feels” took physical form, it would be the hardcopy of this album.
Your jam: A Drop in the Ocean



For: The storms of a relationship
Album: Get Lifted by John Legend
Get Lifted reminds us about how relationships are stormy and unstable at times, and that like every calamity, it eventually passes—a must-listen-to on those rainy days.
Your jam: Ordinary People



For: Some electronic healing
Album: Urban Flora by Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Yes, EDM as relaxation music can be this good.
Your jam: Pretty Thoughts



For:  Your eyes only
Album: 4 Your Eyez Only by J Cole
Seriously though, it’s yet another dope record from that dude whose last album got double platinum with no features. The album is dedicated to Cole’s deceased friend, mixed with his own perspective, to create tales of a short-lived life and finding love in that very limited time.
Your jam: She’s Mine, Pt. 1



For: The “city night lights”-esque sentimentality
Album: How I Love by crwn & Jess Connelly
The modern R&B/Soul pieces in this album are perfect for when you’re driving in the night—either with your significant other, or all by your lonesome.
Your jam: With You

Graphic art by Mikaela Torres and Camille Joy Gallardo