294 major offenses recorded by SWAF...

The Student Welfare and Formation Office (SWAFO) has recorded a total of 294 major offenses in the University from the first semester of this academic year (AY) 2017-2018 as of November 24, according […]

Registrar to issue only 1 COR per s...

Due to the students’ rampant use of “fake CORs” in entering the campus, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is set to issue only one official certificate of registration (COR) per student […]

ALPAS dominates 19th Gawad Tala, 5 ...

Out of six telecine films presented at the 19th Gawad Tala, ALPAS by KAHEL Films dominated the awarding ceremony by bagging a total of eight awards on December 15 at the Tanghalang Julian […]

#CaviteLocalMusic: Bopek

“Meaningless ‘yong life ko no’n,” shares Phoebe Ledesma, Bopek’s songwriter and vocalist, about her not-so distant past before finding refuge in songwriting. At the time, it still didn’t feel enough to pursue music […]

#CaviteLocalMusic: Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy started off like most—as a typical college cover band, but eventually they started giving unique twists to songs not everyone would even think of reviving. After a Glam Rock Christmas Party gig […]

#CaviteLocalMusic: People

  No sugarcoating—just straight up playing fresh tunes and living out a passion for music. Originally intended to be a solo project, the acoustic duo People is an up-and-coming band composed of DLSU-D […]

Myriad cascade
Foregone Sky
The man behind the Cagebelles’ glory

  The cagebelles have been consistently trampling their opponents in the last six seasons of Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) – Nationals⎯guarding their champion spot among the female hoopsters in the country. But […]

Patriots against the challenges of NCRAA

The new always arrives⎯from new semesters to new professors, from new classmates to new additions to our varsity roster. For the two dauntless Patriots basketball team⎯women and men⎯they have something new as well. […]

Of victories and defeats: Top 10 Pa...

This year has been a remarkable year for the Patriots. We have tasted both the victories and the defeats, discovered new players, brand new lineups, and experienced unexpected changes—both for better and for […]

The Rohingya genocide

Sub-human—this is essentially the category that the Rohingya people of Myanmar have been thrown into. Forsaken by their country, hunted by their military, and shunned by their people, the Rohingya are the most […]

Talk about privilege

In the ideal world, every child is entitled to proper education that will lead them to a bright future. However, in the real world, the term privilege kicks in. After the reported implementation […]

Hindi pa wakas ng hustisya

Buhay na nawala: 900; Buhay na hindi nabigyang hustisya: 700 Sa panahong hindi na mawari ng marami kung alin ang hustisya sa hindi, nakalulungkot isiping hinahayaan na lamang nating dumanak ang dugo sa […]

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