The Devolution of Men

That morning, men in their crisp hunting clothes flock down the woods. Rifles dangle on their shoulders as they march on the slushy mud, looking for animals to hunt. From the bushes, a doe runs past across the fields. The youngest hunter aims at its neck and pulls the trigger with ease. Blood gushes out. The doe’s yelp drowns in their laughter. Finally, it is open season again.

For a time, hunters are free to shoot down—for food or for sport—wild animals. But if men choose to hunt women for sexual gratification, every day is open season.

No, not really. Not in reality. Yet it is possible through various porn sites.

With just a few clicks and taps, men can revel in great variety of categories: amateur, blonde, Asian, brunette, petite, MILF, midget, etcetera. As long as there’s internet connection, these videos can be accessed. Even with the recent implementation of porn site regulation in the Philippines, known as Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Law, there’s not much reduction in the consumption of porn—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

As Sigmund Freud argued, our most instinctual desires are sexual. Like babies screaming in hunger, we want our desire to be satisfied. Thanks to porn, we receive instant gratification, which prevents repression, or worse, psychological problems. (Think of the viral videos of grown men caught while blatantly pleasuring themselves in public places, like on the commute).

But given that porn is free, easily accessible, and offers thousands of categories specifically for one’s own preference, why do men still objectify women on social media? Because of this taboo against porn? Because men would rather look at profile pictures and Instagram feeds than get caught drooling over bare flesh?

Just recently, an upsetting trend came to the attention of the public. Lecherous men on Facebook and Instagram—not only on the glorified Bible Study of Pastor Hokage in particular–post lewd, malicious, offensive comments on photos of girls whom they find attractive (yes, not even nude). Words like sarap, kainin na ‘yan, patay na, magkano unli pops, lunod, luhod, and amen, appear as though they are normal, acceptable, and free of sexual innuendo. Clearly, these aren’t just comments, but unashamed objectification of women.

Objectification, in essence, is the act of treating a person as an object. From a living person, they become devoid of their humanity. But different from a familiar story, men don’t need to be magical birds to soil on women and turn them into stones. Their acts alone, degrading thoughts and words, are disgusting enough and powerful enough to objectify.

Men turn women into objects of the male gaze—scopophilia as Freud calls it. Women become nothing but objects of sexual stimulation through sight. And when men get stimulated, they satisfy themselves through self-pleasure.

One might proudly say: “If they didn’t post their photo online, we wouldn’t see it. They posted it because they wanted us to see it, to enjoy it.” No. No man is given the right to sexualize those who only want to celebrate their sexuality.

But why is porn (with total exception of child pornography) okay while objectification on social media unacceptable? Just because a woman’s body is exposed—and actually engaging in sexual intercourse—doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being objectified.

No man is given the right to sexualize those who only want to celebrate their sexuality.

Women in porn know what they’re getting into, they understand that they are in a business of acting for the purpose of selling sexual arousal and wish fulfillment, doing it out of want rather than need. The keyword here is consent, and women in social media sites are innocent. To be objectified is not their choice.

The keyword here is consent, and women in social media sites are innocent. To be objectified is not their choice.

This new type of sexual objectification then proves that men are not hunters, but instead, they have devolved into animals. Each photo posted unfortunately becomes an invitation for the feast of the goats, and if there’s anyone to be hunted, it must be the perverted perpetrator.

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