Pinto Art Museum: A door to the soul

6. Gallery 3
Neatly organized, the galleries at the end of the property were arranged next to each other like rooms in a home. Gallery 2’s theme focused on mixed media art, as well as an entire section dedicated to Elmer Borlongan’s works that beguile you with their surreal expressionism.


6. Gallery 2
Up the ramp of Gallery 2 into Gallery 3, there were more wire sculptures, installation art, and contemporary paintings, which all collaborated in an almost chaotic way; each piece tweaking reality according to the artist’s perspective.


6. Gallery 4
6. Gallery 4.2
In Gallery 4, the theme leaned toward the young, wild, and free, with modern styles, darker undertones, and artwork that literally screamed “We are the kids your parents warned you about.”


6. Gallery 5
A complement to the loud, modern art of Gallery 4, Gallery 5 next door features almost classic pieces depicting Spanish themes with similarly quirky executions. Consisting of a Spanish dining table and sofas you can actually sit on, Gallery 5 and Gallery 6 were the epitome of a Vigan-esque villa, rooms and gardens included.

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