Photo Essay: The toil for tomorrow

Amidst the jungle of suburban subdivisions and concrete buildings in Dasmariñas, a 155-hectare Lupang Kapdula owned by the Enrile clan can be found. Local farmers have returned to Lupang Kapdula to reclaim their land that should have been under their possession years ago if not for the empty promises of land developing companies. According to the farmers, these two parties went through a joint venture agreement, where they would share the same business and develop a new entity for their benefit—to the demise of the farmers.

Until today, Kapdula remains under the possession of the Enriles as requests remain held even after petitions against the abuse of its farmers have been filed. Despite the daily struggles they face just to reclaim their land, the farmers ceaselessly fight for their rights in hopes of genuine agrarian reform.









Photos by Bea Bautista and Bermanie Jean Doniña

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