KAPITAL invites VP Robredo, Go Negosyo founder Concepcion

Continuing day two of KAPITAL: Kultura at Adhikaing Pilipino bilang Tatak Lasalyano, keynote speaker Vice President Leni Robredo with guest speaker Go Negosyo Founding Trustee Joey Concepcion discussed the importance of harnessing the power of technology to further advance the level of small-scale entrepreneurship in the Philippines on April 20 at Ugnayang La Salle (ULS).Vice President Leni Robredo, discussed the entry of a new generation to the 4th industrial revolution, noting how social enterprise utilizes technology to create an impact.  



“Harness all of technology’s power not for the sake of power itself, [but] for innovation,” said the VP, advising attendees to use technology in solving the world’s problems.

Recognizing Filipinos who were doing just that, Robredo discussed individuals using technology in attempting to solve some of the world’s problems such as Stephanie Sy, the inventor of Thinking Machines; Patch Dulay, the founder of The Spark Project; Reese Fernandez, owner of the Rags2Riches, and Aisa Mijeno together with her brother Raphael Mijeno, the inventors of SALT (Sustainable Alternative Lighting).



In relation to this, the VP said that ideas are important to solve the society’s inequality problems, noting how we should harness technology “for the benefit of those who have been left behind by progress.”

Meanwhile, Concepcion tackled the flourish of the digital economy wherein telecommunications companies in the Philippines struggle for a market share in the digital space.

“Digital economy is going to be your golden opportunity … we will need entrepreneurs to develop applications to solve problems, this is where you can enter as successful entrepreneurs,” he said.

Moreover, Concepcion discussed one of the main program of Go Negosyo—3 Ms (Mentorship, Money, Market) as a means of advancement for the entrepreneurs, wherein the Mentorship program is done in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).



Concepcion also mentioned that 99.6 percent of the Philippines’s business community is comprised of Micro, Small, and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) wherein the 70 percent of entrepreneurs belong to the agricultural sector.

“Many of our entrepreneurs are what we called ‘survival entrepreneurs,’ we have to make a move [that will help them] from the survival to [being] sustainable, this is the challenge of this sector (agricultural),” he said.

On a lighter note, Concepcion shared that in order to advance in life, the attitude must be put to check.

“Be aggressive in grabbing opportunities, not passive …  it’s your attitude in life,” he said.

Students from the DLSU-D Junior High School, De La Salle Health Science Institute, and various colleges from DLSU-D were present during the event.



Thinking Pinoy creates online stir

On April 19, the night before the second day of Kapital, news on VP Robredo joining a talk at DLSU-D reached the Facebook page Thinking Pinoy administered by political blogger RJ Nieto. The blog header which read, “Forced attendance in Leni event?” mentioned how student leaders allegedly threatened that a certain “associate dean” would hold the student portals of students who fail to attend the second day of Kapital that keynote speaker VP Robredo would be attending. The post immediately was followed by DLSU-D students responses, most of which denied the allegation that the event was required.

One of the social media managers for Kapital, Diana Uy explained in a comment on the post that the event was not political and would tackle the Philippine economy and environment. “Leni Robredo will not speak of politics in the event. This has no shred of political agenda,” her comment on Nieto’s post read.

The event transpired at a crucial time for Robredo as her vote recount with VP opponent Bongbong Marcos is still ongoing.

As of press time, the CBAASC and the CBAA administration are yet to release a statement on the matter. The HERALDO FILIPINO will further investigate the truth of the alleged threats to hold students’ portals and the spread of such news, if proven untrue.

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