Everything you need to know about Jaira, DLSU-D’s new K9 companion

Meet Jaira, the newest member of the DLSU-D security team. Here to keep us safe—and also gigil—the K9 unit is already roaming about, sniffing out danger, and essentially becoming the school’s favorite sight to see. But before she starts saving the day, we might as well know more about Jaira.



 1. Jaira is a Belgian Malinois, a breed known to be really intelligent, protective, and hard-working. The breed is popularly used by the US Secret Service, US Navy SEALS, and other protection units across the globe.  Now, that’s some bork power.

 2. You might have heard about the other police dogs deployed in DLSU-D—Apollo and Hachi. Apollo, who is also a Belgian Malinois, is now stationed in DLSHSI, while Hachi, a Jack Russell Terrier, serves as Jaira’s substitute on her red days (Yes, dogs have red days too).

 3. Jaira will turn seven years old this September 23. If you’re lucky enough to have a Saturday class that day, maybe you can bump into her on campus and greet her (however you like) a happy bork day.

 4. Undeniably, she’s one tough dog. She’s the kind who will still work even when tired and sick—because duty, honor, and loyalty are what it’s all about for man’s best friend. Woof.

5. She sleeps in UMC. Don’t worry, she’s not alone—her buddies Apollo and Hachi are there too.

 6. She’s a duo ranger rolled into one. First, she’s a detector for explosives including gun powder for cars in the parking area, meaning she sniffs across all the corners of the campus. Second, she’s a defender against attackers. This is one female dog you shouldn’t cross.

 7. When she hears the word “search”, she automatically inspects the area. Take that, Siri. Although she doesn’t take commands from anyone except her handler, Kuya Carlo Samson.

 8. No, she won’t be barking up the wrong tree (even with how many trees there are in campus). She’s more accurate than you expect, because she’s the one with the most experience and intensive training among the three (no offense to Apollo and Hachi).

 9. She doesn’t bite, unless her handler orders her to. Remember, that she’s a police dog—brave and ready to rumble. If ever there’s a need to chase a culprit, she can run and catch the bad guy in a snap.   

10. Here’s the sad news. Based on security protocols, you can’t pet her. After all, she is a police dog and not a pet dog—especially if you see her without her handler and she’s tied somewhere on campus. But here’s a secret: sometimes, Kuya Carlo will let you touch her lightly—just don’t go gigil over her because you won’t want her to gigil over you too.


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