DLSU-D enacts ID policy due to 164 student violation cases

DLSU-D recorded 164 cases of student violations of lending and using of another student’s ID card and Certificate of Registration (COR) in academic year (AY) 2015-2016, as per Student Welfare and Formation Office (SWAFO) Director John Casidsid, which resulted in the University’s ID policy reinforcement.

The 164 cases of student violations are classified as follows:


“According to our manual (DLSU-D Student Handbook AY 2014-2018), it’s a major violation if you lend your ID [card] to someone else [and is] punishable by one and two sanctions, one is under probation for one year up to two [and the other] which is a suspension of three days to five days,” Casidsid mentioned.

Under Section 19.2 of the Student Handbook, probation serves as an alternative to suspension or expulsion to warn students that future misconduct will not be tolerated.

He said the submission of the COR if the student forgets their ID cards must be accompanied with a valid ID with the student’s picture, which can be used only for a limited number of time.

“As much as possible sana, tatlong beses lang. Ngayon [kasi], tinanong ko [University] Registrar, ilang beses ba nila (students) puwedeng i-print ‘yong registration form. Kahit ilang beses daw puwede e,” he furthered.

ID card policy

According to Section 1.9 of the DLSU-D Student Handbook AY 2014-2018, every student officially enrolled must have an ID card validated each enrollment period and must be displayed on the middle portion of the blouse/polo while on campus.

Casidsid clarified that the students may still use the ID card pin instead of the prescribed ID card lace. However, he reminds the students that there were cases wherein students using ID card pins lose their ID cards as it can easily slip off the students’ shirt unlike with the ID card laces.

Meanwhile, General Services Office (GSO) Director Edwin Bunag said the ID cards that cannot be recognized by the RFID turnstiles might be damaged and defective, still inactivated, or is owned by an unenrolled student.

For those unofficially enrolled undergraduates who still need to enter the campus and finish their thesis, Bunag advised them to acquire an entry permit form endorsed by their respective college department head and approved by their college dean. “All gates will be furnished with the entry permit form so once they encounter the student, they will know that the student has an entry pass,” he furthered.

Bunag added that the said unofficially enrolled students should still wear their ID cards inside the campus.

New ID card application

In cases of replacement due to lost or damaged ID cards and course shifters, University Registrar Marialita Esberto said the student must surrender their ID cards to the SWAFO and acquire a referral form to be presented at the Counter 5.

The student must pay for the P300 fee at the Cashier before availing for a new ID card. “Makukuha na actually ang ID [card] pagka-print kaso lang kailangan i-update ‘yong nandoon sa RFID turnstile,” she mentioned.

However, the process of updating the list of students only takes place every evening at 8PM since there are students who are still using the RFID turnstiles during daytime. “Kasi ‘pag nag-update ng daytime, medyo mahaba ang proseso. Mga more or less 30 minutes after eight [in the evening],” she furthered.

Esberto clarified that even though the new ID cards only takes “seconds” to be finished, they only allow students to claim the new ID cards on the next day since it is still inactivated and the list of students is yet to be updated.

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