CSO hosts ASTIG classes

a1Participants of the Spoken Words workshop, one of the ASTIG classes during the Lasallian Festival, actively participate in the exercise.
The Council of Student Organizations (CSO) conducted the ASTIG (Alternative Sessions Towards Involvement and Growth) classes, a series of talks and activities that aim to enhance the student’s skills and talents, from February 18 to 20.

The ASTIG classes include a dance class titled “Follow The Movement,” Spoken Poetry Workshop featuring Zuela Herrera of Words Anonymous, Lasallian Athletic and Proactive Enthusiast Organization Demonstration Teaching, and a song writing competition titled “ALAB: The Recital.”

The classes also featured seminars about Basic Language and Accommodation Humor, Self Defense 101, and love from the spiritual perspective titled “How to Find Your Own True Bae.”

CSO President Rhina Padilla said they conducted the ASTIG classes to provide learning experience for the students that will cater to their hobbies and interests.

The CSO, in partnership with the DLSU-D Communication and Media Society, Circle of Student Assistants, Junior Marketing Association, Marche Societe, Lasallian Physical Education Organization, and the Lasallian First Aiders, held the ASTIG classes as part of the Lasallian Festival 2016 celebration.