CHEd approves proposed 5% tuition increase

As an expected outcome of the K-12 implementation, the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) approved the five percent tuition increase for academic year (AY) 2017-2018, as confirmed by Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services (VCFAS) Mary May Eulogio.

According to Eulogio, the administration initially noticed “a hint of approval” upon seeing CHEd’s announcement titled “CHEd approves increase in tuition and other fees for 268 private HEIs nationwide” on its official website on May 30. However, she clarified that they only received CHEd’s official notice of approval of their proposal on June 8.

Meanwhile, she confirmed that the five percent tuition increase will be applied to all courses and year levels this AY.

5% tuition increase

Eulogio said the five percent tuition increase was allocated for the University’s employees and students’ benefits in which the 70 percent will be allocated “to sustain the compensation and benefits of the University’s employees,” while the remaining 30 percent will be used for the “enhancement of instructional facilities and support services” for the benefits of the students.

As of press time, Eulogio furthered that she cannot disclose any information regarding the tuition increase for AY 2018-2019 yet since it still has to be decided upon during the next multi-sectoral meeting.

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