Art Fair Philippines 2017: Lost in appreciation


Whip out your phones, prepare your senses, and get ready to be lost—and found—in this year’s Art Fair Philippines 2017. Located at The Link Carpark Ayala Center, Makati City, this annual event hosted by Ayala Land displays a wide roster of 46 galleries around the Metro and beyond.

The parking building turned gigantic exhibit is an entirely surreal adventure, as each “parking area” is a different universe waiting to be explored. The fifth to seventh floor of The Link is composed of galleries while the roof deck is transformed into a dining area decked out in charming lights and an equally enchanting view of the Makati City sky, perfect for chilling after viewing the exhibit when you just want to rest and look out into the great beyond with someone special—or for that added melancholy effect, by yourself.



Another memorable thing about Art Fair PH is the amount of interactive exhibits and paintings, making it so much more social media-friendly compared to traditional rigid museums. In The Link, everyone is free to take a picture of literally anything they want. There’s no shame in taking a “candid” picture or two with the artworks, and though it might feel a little off to take an informal picture along with the art, even some exhibitors encourage you to do so in order to spread awareness about their pieces. Pro-tip though, arrive early as the crowd tends to get a little stuffy during the weekend and when the exhibit is near closing at 9 PM.

Speaking of exhibitors, there are dozens of artists available for a quick chat or discussion about their pieces—something crucial in the process of art appreciation. Truly, there is just something special about being one with the artists while you’re appreciating their masterpieces. Random celebrities might also casually pop out from time to time as well. Another pro-tip: if you truly want to get into the art connoisseur feel, a glass of wine is available for you to bring around the gallery—at a hefty cost of 200 PHP.



Aside from the sights and sounds, Art Fair Philippines is and always will be the perfect opportunity to truly feel present in the Philippine art scene. At the end of the day, no matter how many Instagram-worthy shots we’ve taken or how many glasses of expensive wine we’ve had, the knowledge of being around the PH’s most gifted artists is a feeling that cannot be explained through words—and that’s where art comes in.

Location: 5F / 6F / 7F / Roofdeck of The Link Carpark Ayala Center, Makati City
Rates: 250php – Regular entrance fee
50php – Students with valid IDs
FREE – Makati Students with valid IDs
Dates: Feb 16-19, 2017, Thursday – Sunday
Hours: 10AM – 9PM
For more information, visit