Virtual graduation for Batch 2021 to push through in December

After several months of preparation, the virtual graduation rites for students from Batch 2021 will push through in December via Zoom Meetings, marking  the second commencement exercises to be held online since the start of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Unlike in the first online graduation, this year’s commencement exercises will involve live ceremonies, where graduates are expected to be given a 10-second exposure during the virtual rites. This is a development from the first virtual graduation in February that was held as a one-time event, which only flashed photos and names of graduating students. 

Aside from holding live ceremonies, several activities leading to the graduation day will also be conducted – from organizing rehearsals to holding a separate Baccalaureate Mass.

According to the guidelines released by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), the Baccalaureate Mass will be held on December 13, to be followed by a special awards recognition for graduates who excelled both in academic and non-academic fields. 

Meanwhile, graduation schedules will vary per college, similar to what usually happens in onsite graduations.

Pre-graduation activities, requirements

Prior to the graduation ceremony in December, pre-commencement activities such as orientation and rehearsals will also be organized for the graduating batch. The orientation schedule differs per college as well, which will all be held via Zoom.

On the other hand, the schedule of the general rehearsal for graduating students is yet to be announced as of press time. 

“Rehearsing the graduation rites is necessary to ensure smooth flow. All candidates who will participate in the ceremony are required to attend the rehearsals,” OUR reminded the incoming graduates.

Aside from attending the graduation rehearsal, graduating students are also required to accomplish different documents for registration and materials needed for the commencement exercises.

Full copy of the graduation guidelines may be accessed here.

Infographics by Alyanna Nicole Tiaga.

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