SUSGA 2022 USG President

USG President lays down plans for the University at SUSGA 2022

University Student Government (USG) President Charlene Mae Completo bares pending and ongoing University plans during the State of the University Student Government Address (SUSGA) held on September 30, 5:30 PM via Facebook Live.

The USG president hoped to instill the concept of bayanihan for the administration this academic year (AY), stating that “bayanihan revolves around one goal which is to help one another as much as we can.”

From addressing current affairs to planning different projects with the students and school administration, Completo listed down various University plans by the USG after their oath of office held on July 20.

Below is a recount of the main goals and plans discussed during SUSGA 2022.


USG’s handling of student concerns

Completo distinguished how the USG, College Student Governments (CSGs), and Program Councils (PCs) handled different student concerns related to either subject or office problems during their term.

Before reporting to the USG, subject-related issues were advised to be discussed first with the subject professor. Lack of resolution for the issue can be directed to the adviser with assistance from PCs and CSGs. Office concerns such as document filing, financial issues, uniforms, and stickers can be directly raised to the USG and CSGs.

After assuring the students that the USG is prepared to listen to their questions, Completo mentioned that she passed three official reports on student concerns to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (OVCAR).

Further in the SUSGA, Completo also mentioned that the USG along with the CSGs and PCs are strictly observing and checking student concerns on the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) on the University’s policies on the mode of learning.

The USG president reassured the student body saying, “hindi hahayaan na may maiiwan at malilitimitahan ang inyong mga karapatan.


Completion of the USG Slate

Most positions in the USG slate were almost complete as Completo mentioned that five cabinet members, 12 senators, 21 house of representatives, two associate justices, one auditor general, one deputy auditor general and four college commissioners were officially fulfilled.

Different positions such as three cabinet members, two senators, eight house of representatives, five associate justices, seven inspector generals, and three University Student Election Commission (USEC) commissioners were still under the process to be in the USG slate.


Shuttle service plans

To provide additional security for students against kidnapping and theft, USG and CSGs proposed to have additional police outputs and a shuttle service to the Office of Student Services (OSS) on August 31.

By September 21, OSS Dean Domingo Reblora Jr. endorsed the shuttle service project to the General Services Office (GSO) Director Leo Manansala. Additionally, the USG president also sent an initial plan of action for its implementation.

While the plan of action was already approved by GSO on September 27, Completo mentioned that they still have a pending meeting with the concerned offices regarding the project’s full implementation.


Financial aid grants for students

To support of students struggling financially, the USG president shared different Acts of the Congress for financial aids that were continued and passed this AY.

The discussed financial aid grants were:

Further through the SUSGA, Completo expressed her intent to personally work on the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) needed for the Disaster Emergency Fund Act and proposed to amend the University Student Government Research Grant Act to include an IRR for the specific guidelines on obtaining said financial grant.

The USG also plans to have fundraising activities to sustain the scholarship grant of the seven Performing Arts Group (PAG) which also accounts for their funds on material maintenance, and allowance for competitions, performances, and recitals.


COVAX and COVID-19 response

The USG president reminded the student body to complete the COVID-19 vaccination status survey released by the OSS in September. The survey serves as an academic requirement for students and a safety seal requirement for the University.

Furthermore, the USG president hoped to work with the Dasmariñas local government unit (LGU) for free vaccines and booster shorts, similar to the previous student government administration.

Completo also assured students for their health and safety against COVID-19 as the USG plans on utilizing and allocating P2 million from the USG Trust Fund for financial assistance, hospital bills, and any COVID-19 related expenses of Lasallian students. Information regarding the allocated budget will be posted as soon as possible, as per the USG president.

Completo also called on the University administration to provide a plan of action for the possible presence of COVID-19 within the campus.

“The USG believes that the students are entitled to know solid plans of actions regarding these matters and that every concern related to COVID-19 should be addressed with a manner of urgency and should bear weight since this involves the well-being of the student body,” Completo added.


Student government support for LGBTQIA+ students

The USG president also made plans in accordance with the 16th Act of Congress or the Student Safe Spaces Act which aims to “recognize the equal representation of persons of diverse sexual orientation, identity, or expression.”

For proper recognition, Completo made a personal request in drafting a bill to allow the creation of an acknowledged student organization for LGBTQIA+ students in DLSU-D.

Furthermore, the USG president requested a bill to allow the celebration and a march during Pride Month in recognition and visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community in the University.

Completo also formally requested the USG vice president to mobilize an anti gender-based related violence advisory council and establish the gender development office within the University.

Lastly, an executive order was made to establish a committee to accept recommendations, review, and revise the student handbook to be inclusive and progressive with their provisions. This specific committee consists of representatives from CSGs and each branch of the USG.


Sports development plans

Both e-sports and physical sports within the University were discussed during the SUSGA as the USG made plans to recognize and support them this AY.

As the USG president encouraged the student to create a recognized e-sports organization, she also mentioned that the USG plans to build an e-sports community in collaboration with organizations outside the University that are aligned with DLSU-D’s mission and vision.

Additionally, Completo proposed the formal recognition of e-sports in the University to the Congress. Recognition of both e-sports and physical sports athletes provides them scholarships by the University, as implied by Completo.

With the gradual return of onsite classes, the USG president also called for the concerned offices to bring back all the sports varsity teams within the University.

Further in the SUSGA, Completo commended the University varsity teams on bringing pride to the University and the past administration, and the Sports Development Office (SDO) on making it possible.


Other projects and current affairs

By the start of the SUSGA, the USG president raised the accessibility of the University-wide WiFi which was supposed to be accomplished by the end of September. Further details and information will be provided in an upcoming announcement by the Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC).

In accordance with the 21st Act of Congress or the Feeding Program Appropriations Act, the current USG administration and GSO aimed to continue the project on taking care of the University’s stray cats and dogs by allocating a budget for their food and essential materials.

Completo shared that the USG also planned on enacting the project to tend the animals’ health, well-being, and shelter this October.

In line with the recent event Ikot La Salle: A Campus Grand Walk, the USG President recognized both positive and negative comments from the student body.

With the USG’s statement towards multiple student concerns regarding the event, Completo said “I would like to apologize again and to take on the responsibility for what happened during the event… Pero sabi nga, hindi ba, you will never reach perfection because there is always room for improvement, and there is always room for mistakes.”

To accomplish different plans and projects of the USG, Completo also called for student leaders, University administrators, and offices for their cooperation.

Discussing the proposed financial aid grants for the current AY, the USG president called for the Secretary of the Treasury and the Congress to immediately work on the General Appropriations Act for the current semester.

Different presidential appointees were called to file different bills such as the mental health bill and the anti-red tagging bill which allowed the importance of the well-being and safety of the student body.

Shorter plans and proposals such as reducing the carbon footprint within the University by utilizing paperless documents, and planning on creating more learning commons like sleeping areas, and rehearsal rooms inside the campus were also mentioned during the SUSGA.

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