USG open in setting up an official esports team; second esports tourney in the works

Originally published in HF Volume 36 Issue 1

DLSU-D University Student Government (USG) Sports and Recreation is considering the possibility of assembling an official esports team amid the online setup depending on the University administration’s support for the online games team-up, according to Secretary Lean James Morenos.

“We will fully support a DLSU-D e-sports team just like how we support our varsity teams […] if the USG together with the administrators have the ability to support a DLSU-D e-sports team, then we will go for it,” the secretary said.

Aside from establishing an Electronic Sports (E-Sports) Commission in 2019, the USG aims to work hand-in-hand with the Office of Student Services (OSS) for a new organization solely concentrated on esports, to further scout e-players through surveys, organize in-campus tournaments, and facilitate online tryouts that will potentially represent the Patriots off-campus.

Meanwhile, Morenos also highlighted possible marketing plans such as plugging outside connections with gaming organizations to attract more fellow Patriots in the virtual gaming scene at the campus level.

Among the outside organizations that the Sports and Recreation is eyeing to reach out to is the Youth Esports Program (YEP), a collaborative drive by high-powered Mineski Esports and Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) that advocates responsible gaming and co-curricular esports across the country, and the prominent gaming company AcadArena.

“For it to expand, we will reach out to outside organizations such as the Youth Esports Program (YEP) and AcadArena which provides scholarships for (sic) these e-sports organizations. As of now, we are making guidelines regarding e-sports for future references,” he related.

Aside from these esports programs, numerous amateur to non-professional esports events are also available within reach for the future esports team of the University, and all aspiring Patriots in the gaming industry who aspire to take part in it.

One of which is the online social media portal GO Philippines who jump-started series of esports events in different disciplines such as the Battle of Binakayan for DotA 2, The Madrigal Cup for League of Legends (LoL), and Liga ng mga Bayani for the latest triple A First Person Shooter (FPS) Valorant.

Additionally, there are other options of non-professional gaming outfits such as the FIGHT Esports’ Fight Campus League-Philippines, and the nationwide local government unit (LGU)-based Philippine National Esports League (PNEL)—all are seasonally open for future Patriot teams to join.

DLSU-D Esports League

Despite the distance learning in effect, the E-Sports Commission in academic year (AY) 2020-2021 had successfully carried out the first Esports League for the Lasallians—an event that the current Sports and Recreation eyes to revamp. While the launch dates of these online games are still underway, Morenos already outlined the add-ons for the supposed virtual league.

According to Morenos, several developments will be implemented to make the league ‘more appealing’ in hopes of drawing larger attention from students than before. Moreover, the secretary also emphasized the use of sponsorships, and reaching out to famous esports personalities that will help the USG ramp up the esports event.

“We will also make use of sponsorships not for personal use, but for us to be able to save our money and expenses. It is also our goal to reach out to well-known shout casters and streamers to make the league more inviting to many. The creation of a committee is also in the works as to (sic) help us influence the participants,” Morenos said.

Breaking the stigma

As the USG is open in relaunching an official esports organization on campus, Morenos then reiterated its significance in terms of ‘bringing out the best in students’ in the field of esports.

The secretary furthered that his office envisions to ‘break the stigma’ about esports, shedding light on how video gaming thrusts players in picking up its inherent social, strategical, and cognitive benefits.

Furthermore, as Morenos sets store on esports during the remote learning, he also pushes the Patriots to get on board with the USG in breaking the stigma, embracing its developing industry in the context of DLSU-D.

In this regard, the secretary pledged the full support of USG to its fellow Patriots who eye a career path in esports, underscoring the importance of trusting one’s process and believing in oneself.

“I would like to encourage all of you to pursue e-sports as a career because just like physical sports, you will only enjoy the process as you get better in this industry. You all have our full support… together with the University Student Government headed by Ms. Niña Ligan and Mr. Reine Cruz,” he said.

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