USG announces first set of AY 2019-2020 appointed officers

Following the transition from the University Student Council to the University Student Government (USG), Marvy Gomez, Jason Real, and Christian Jay Nolasco have been announced as the first set of appointed officers for academic year (AY) 2019-2020 USG as President, Vice President, and Secretary of the Treasury, respectively.


2019-2020 USG President Gomez shared that her passion to serve the DLSU-D student body inspired her to apply for the presidency, as she had previously been a member of the Circle of Student Assistants (CoSA).

“It will be ‘our journey’ as one Lasallian community, bonded by one plan for the betterment of the student body and its governing policy,” Gomez said on shift to USG will serve as an avenue for student leaders to improve . “… I know that this change (USG shift) will be a big leap towards [on] what we aim [for], which is for the betterment of the student body.”

As stipulated in the Transitory Provisions of the USG Constitution, under Section 9, the Transition Commission, comprised of the incumbent 2018-2019 University Student Council (USC) Executive Board, USC adviser, Student Development and Activities Office Director, and Office of Student Services Dean, takes charge of appointing officers for the implementation of the new USG Constitution next AY.

As of press time, The HERALDO FILIPINO (HF) is awaiting the response of appointed Vice President Jason Real and Secretary of the Treasury Christian Jay Nolasco.

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