USEC declares failure of primary election

The University Student Election Commission (USEC) declared the failure of the first primary election as a result of lack of presidential candidates despite an extension by the commission in filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs) for aspiring student leaders. 

The last day of COC filing was initially on November 19, however, USEC has extended in consideration that no college representatives has filed their candidacy for the upcoming primary election. Nonetheless, only one submitted their COC during the extension.

“… the University Student Commission on Election recognizes this failure due to inadequate number of presidential candidates for the 2019 Primary Elections (sic),” as stated in Resolution No. 8 Series of 2019-2020 released by the commission.

Article IV, Executive Department of the University Student Government Constitution states that each college will nominate one student for president, wherein the top two candidates in the primary election will be proceeding to the general election, along with their chosen vice president from the losing presidential candidates.

The USEC distributed the COCs to the colleges on October 30, however, only four gathered their COCs during its release. 

This is a developing story.

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