Student organizations call for gender inclusive policies in the University

Student organizations called for gender inclusive policies, particularly on gender expression, yesterday, December 3, after an incident of cross-dressing under the notion of entertainment in an event on December 2 at the Ugnayang La Salle (ULS).

As per the memorandum from the Student Formation and Welfare Office (SWAFO) on November 25, cross-dressing within the University is prohibited under Section 19 of the Student Handbook, as it falls under “improper civilian clothes and other dress code policy violations.”

The University Student Government (USG) condemned cross-dressing for entertainment in a statement released yesterday, mentioning that they are preparing for the Safe Spaces Commission or the 16th Act of Congress that aims to “make our community better and safer for every queer Lasallian.”

The USG added that they will also fight for gender-affirming policies to be included in the next Student Handbook.



This was followed by the Coalition of Concerned Lasallians (CCL), Broadcast Journalism Program Council (BJPC), and Communication Program Council (CPC) asserting the need to reinforce safe spaces and gender inclusive policies in the University.

“We call for DLSU-D administration and University Student Government for swift reform on student policies towards inclusivity, particularly gender expression. With the recent matter concerning our Patriots, our policies on gender equality is not a matter that should be delayed,” the statement reads.



Meanwhile, the Political Science Program Council (PSPC) calls for other student organizations to take a stand and condemn the recent cross-dressing incident, stating that “Passivity breeds nothing but silent affirmation towards the never-ending struggle of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Furthermore, PSPC also mentioned that “the attainment of progressive ideas within the University cannot be fully achieved through simply worshipping “peace” – a unity of staunch clamor and action is imperative.”



The International Development Program Council (IDPC) also echoed the stance in reinforcing inclusive policies and passing bills that ensure safe spaces for all. IDPC also pleaded for a reform in the University’s dress code policies.

“The dress code policies would be more progressive and empowering if they encourage comfort, confidence, and welfare in our students,” IDPC highlighted.



LAYA, the institutional LGBTQIA+ organization in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute (DLSMHSI), called for the implementation of safe spaces across Lasallian communities.

“As we progress as one Lasallian community, we should be able to recognize and empathize the struggles that most transgender, non-binary, non-conforming, and queer folks experience daily, whether it be inside the campus, in different La Salle schools, or the outside world,” LAYA stated.



On the same day, the University released a statement regarding the cross-dressing incident, mentioning that “identified student groups have underscored the need for a massive education campaign on inclusion and diversity.”

The statement mentioned that the University “strives to be responsive to concerns on inclusivity and equal protection of rights by exploring opportunities to ensure that every sector of the University Community is equitably represented.”



In response, CCL released a statement today, December 4, emphasizing that they are eager to put forward their proposals for gender inclusive policies.

“As a broad alliance of progressive student organizations, CCL assures existing DLSU-D student organizations and program councils that we will cooperate and exhaust all our efforts towards our shared goal of not only a gender inclusive University but absolute service by students to fellow students,” CCL stated.



This is a developing story.

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