Sports facilities, other equipment still in good shape—OSS

Despite being not regularly used for two consecutive academic years (AY), the DLSU-D sports facilities and other equipment and apparatuses are maintained in good shape and condition, according to Office of Student Services (OSS) Dean Domingo Reblora Jr. While some facilities may be used for students’ use in the second semester of AY 2021-2022, OSS clarified that these will not be ready for competitions and athletic leagues just yet.

Major sports facilities’ status

As stated in The HERALDO FILIPINO Volume 35 Issue 2, the Ugnayang La Salle (ULS) – which was previously utilized for indoor sports and recreational games, continues to be used as a vaccination site by the Dasmariñas City local government unit (LGU). The gym was first used as an inoculation site in 2021 after the school signed an agreement with the city government.

But despite being utilized in a non-sport activity, the OSS Dean describes ULS as a space that could still be “perfectly utilized for sports of our students” when in-person classes will finally be allowed.

In an interview with The HERALDO FILIPINO, Reblora said that there was an original plan before the pandemic to rebuild the facility but eventually did not push through. Reblora furthered that the funds for the supposed rebuilding might be used elsewhere, noting that it would be uncertain to see it through due to the current pandemic situation.

“There was a plan before the pandemic to, not only retrofit, but to rebuild it, making it much bigger than what it is now […] I’m not sure if the earlier plan of about the (sic) ULS will still be pushed through given the current condition that we are in,” the dean explained.

On the other hand, the University’s track oval and the grandstand has been reopened in the first semester of AY 2021-2022 for faculty entry, under the condition that they follow the minimum health standards and go inside past their 5:00 PM office hours. Although the dean said that the rubberized track had already formed some lumps amid lockdown that needs fixing, the standard-size oval is nonetheless ready for use.

Compared to the oval and other sports facilities, the Olympic size pool was much more maintained, according to Reblora. He shared that the swimming pool was regularly cleaned and has protection from falling debris so that the pool may maintain its functional state.

Due to the pandemic, Reblora noted that these major sports facilities were never used for any athletic events as well as any major activities in the last two years. More so, its sports usage was successively ‘hampered’ because of the Taal volcano eruption and the implementation of lockdowns in March 2020.

Other sports facilities, equipment

When it comes to other sports facilities inside the campus, the OSS Dean also shared that these areas remain well-maintained amid the pandemic. “Within the ULS, mayroon tayong ano doon no, table tennis, mayroon tayong doong malaking space for table tennis on the second floor. And in all that space where table tennis are (sic) situated, we have the body building facility complete with the rest of usual amenities in a body building facility […] So far ok naman sila,” Reblora said.

Meanwhile, the Mariano Trias Hall (MTH) covered court and the high school sports ground are both secured during the lockdown as well. However, the MTH covered court and high school sports grounds remain off-limits as of the moment.

In terms of the sports materials owned by the University, the OSS assured the Lasallian community that these are still intact and functional. Only a few can be rendered not in good condition as per the OSS due to a long period of being unused. “Pero syempre dahil sa hindi nagagamit especially itong mga table tennis, no, medyo nagkakaroon nga ng k’onting problema. Otherwise, the other equipments are still intact,” Reblora said.

Backtrack on maintenance

In terms of keeping the good condition of the major sports facilities in the University for the last two years, Reblora shared that the administration could only do “the most minimal maintenance available” for the campus facilities, noting that their actions are limited due to the restrictions of the health crisis.

The OSS dean furthered that since the University did not levy any athletic fees from the students for two consecutive academic years, there was consequently no allocation for the maintenance coming from students. “Usually, maintenance of the rest of sports facilities and equipments will come from the payments of students for athletic fees, tapos na-de-divide na ‘yon kung saan-saang mga aspeto […] technically, walang allocation,” he stated.

As the Sports Development Office (SDO) was dissolved in AY 2020-2021 – the unit who’s originally responsible for maintaining the condition of sports facilities, the dean explained that there are still University personnels whom they entrust on sustaining the physical condition of the sports facilities. He said that the OSS’ movement in terms of doing its responsibilities was limited in entering the school premises due to heavy restrictions imposed.

“As much as possible, if we declare that we will proceed – because if you go to school during the height of the lockdown, you have to specify which offices you will visit. Whatever your declaration is or was, you should only go there. So far, in the last two years, most often, I only proceed to the OSS office to sign important documents, especially TRF,” he added.

Meanwhile, Reblora also disclosed that the Materials Management and Ancillary Services Office (MAMASO) is no longer functional following the dissolution of the SDO. He explained that MAMASO’s former functions are carried out now by sports custodians who get their salaries “from the 70% of the general fund – salaries and benefits of staff and faculty.”

Plans on student use, competitions

When asked about the appropriate time as to when the sports facilities will be used again for actual sports and recreational activities, Reblora said OSS cannot provide definite dates and plans for the time being.

However, the dean looks forward to when the students will be permitted to enter the campus premises, and experience sports and recreation inside the facilities retrofitted by the University.

“We are hoping that come the second semester 2021 to 2022, members of the academic community will be allowed to use these facilities but as far as competitions are concerned, right now [and] for the second semester, wala pa tayo,” Reblora noted.

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