Roof collapse furthers renovation talks of GMH bldg

Originally published in The HERALDO FILIPINO Broadsheet Vol. 34 Double Issue

Earlier this July, the Gregoria Montoya Hall (GMH) roof collapsed, furthering the need for renovation talks, which was headed by the University Student Government (USG) Congress and the Performing Arts Groups (PAG) on February 21 before the incident. 

According to a report from the Office of Student Services (OSS) Dean Arch. Antonio Gutierrez Jr., the roof collapsing caused major damage leading to flooding and destruction of property.

Along with the damages, initial reasons for the renovation according to USG and PAG are insufficient space for the student government, chaotic work environment, hazardous storage spaces, and small spaces for programs of student organizations.

GMH renovation plans

The USG Congress and PAG discussed the renovation of the GMH building for the “betterment of student engagement activities (of student organizations) and their respective work environments.”

As discussed in their meeting, a chapel, a students lounge, a 40-person capacity session hall for the USG will be included in the GMH area. Selected PAG organizations will also have respective studios such as a multi-purpose dance studio, a photo studio for the Vissistude, a recording studio for Lasallian Pop Band,. 

Other than new additions for the space, the renovation showcased adjustments for the current building such as increasing the ceiling height for the second floor, hallway-widening, sound-proofing rooms with acoustic treatments, and overall, increase of storage and office space.

As requested by University President Brother Augustine (Gus) Boquer FSC, the open  area known as the quadrangle will have a grand staircase and its own stage with fake grass for the flooring. 

To give context, student organizations situated in the GMH building underwent reshuffling following the transfer of administrative offices to the Ayuntamiento de Gonzales building during the academic year (AY) 2019-2020, completed on June 22. 

During the February 21 meeting, USG also proposed adding P200 on the tuition fee development fund as the source for the renovation fees, which is justified due to the new student center. 

OSS offices temporary relocation

OSS offices are relocated to the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM) building due to the scheduled roof repair of the GMH building, as per an issued email to the DLSU-D community, 

Along with the OSS offices, the Cultural Arts Office (CAO), National Service Training Program (NSTP) office, and the Vicissitude office will be also relocated at the CTHM building.

As telephone lines are unavailable in their new area, contacting the said offices can be done through email for the time being.

As of press time, students and staff are not able to enter the GMH building area due to safety hazards. In terms of the renovation, the overall plan still depends on the budget and discretion of the USG.  

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