Registrar’s Office announces new enrollment process

Due to conflicts encountered by students during enrollment, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) issued a new enrollment process wherein students are encouraged to pay their tuition through banks or payment centers or using online credit cards.

Napapansin namin tuwing enrollment period, sobrang haba ng pila ng mga magbabayad sa Accounting Office which is really inconvenient to the parents and the students,” Office Associate Naran Romasoc said.

According to Romasoc, the previous academic year (AY)’s enrollment process resulted in the students’ late payments of unpaid balances at the end of every semester.

Isa rin sa mga problemang napansin ng graduating students last AY 2015-2016 during their exit interviews ay ‘yung difficulty sa pagbabayad ng tuition fees every enrollment period,” Romasoc said.

She pointed out that the OUR encourages the student enrollees to follow the new enrollment process to avoid possible issues that may arise from paying through the Accounting Office.

New enrollment process

As per Romasoc, the new enrollment procedure functions as follows:

1. Register subjects on DLSU-D Online Enrollment (OnE) after logging into your account

For the next AY 2016-2017’s online enrollment, three days are allotted for each college in all levels to register their preferred subjects for the semester.

Dati, per level ang schedule ng bawat college na puwedeng mag-enroll. Ngayon, kahit fourth year o third year ka, puwede ka nang mag-register sa subjects na para sa first year at second year and vice versa within the given three days,” Romasoc said.

2. Print Confirmation Receipt

The confirmation receipt can be found and printed from the student’s OnE account after registering the student’s preferred subjects for the semester.

3. Pay current fees through accredited banks or payment centers or using online credit cards

For payment procedures, students can refer to a list of accredited banks and payment centers indicated in the confirmation receipt while the Accounting Office also allows the students to pay through  online  credit cards located at OnE.

“The students can check it on their OnE account and look for the Payment tab’s online credit card payment,” Treasury and Ancillary Services Director Beverlyn Dela Cruz said.

An initial payment of 40 percent is required for the student to be considered officially enrolled. However, if students fail to pay at least 40 percent upon enrollment, they would need to undergo a consultation and approval process by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance.

4. Wait for payment to be posted within two working days after payment date

According to Romasoc, a timeframe of two working days is needed for accredited banks and payment centers to inform the Office of the University Registrar through email regarding the payment information of concerned accounts.

If a student’s transaction is not yet posted within two working days, the student is advised to verify it through email at

5. Print Certification of Registration (COR)

Unlike previous enrollment processes, students are no longer permitted to print their COR after registering for the semester, Romasoc said. As part of the new enrollment process, only officially enrolled students who have settled their first payment can print their official COR from their OnE account.


Romasoc added that ID activation and other payments regarding unpaid balances shall only be done through the counters of the Accounting Office.

As of press time, the schedule for cancellation of subjects is yet to be announced by the OUR on their Facebook page DLSU-D Online Inquiry.

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