PRISM 2022: Press rewind to the 2000s

Works of art once again filled the grounds of Ugnayang La Salle (ULS) in the 8th annual tradeshow “PRISM 2022: A Journey to the Millennium,” marking its onsite return from the online setup since to the pandemic. Remembering what once was, fourth year students from the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (MMA) of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) reminisce their memories of the 2000s through art from December 5 to December 7.


Artists to artists

PRISM offered more than impressive artworks that captured the interests and heart of the students with performances from the CEAT Stallions, Cuerda of Sipala, Gellovee Wite, Lasallian Patriots Dance Company, NaytDayz, and Sipala Live Painter.

This was followed by selected artists leaving a guiding message on how to navigate the industry, where Freelance layout artist and illustrator Shaune Basilonia used the life cycle of a butterfly as an analogy to the journey of the Multimedia Arts senior students as years went by.

Artists set sail on a journey beginning as an egg, she described, where their hearts and minds are put to test to prepare for bigger things ahead. Each stage of the cycle brings the artists closer to metamorphosis. But before they embrace their transformation at the conclusion of the journey, one’s values or principles will go through trials by fire that are beyond count.

“Keep moving forward through your transformational journey with an open mind and grateful heart,” Basilonia underscored the price of a beautiful transformation of artists.


Back to the old ways

Despite last year’s exhibit facing tremendous shifts and challenges, the thrilling anticipation for it has never faltered. Pouring their dedication and soul in creating their works, this year’s exhibitors take the audience back to childhood days that are worth remembering.

The 2022 exhibit may have faced challenges that seem insurmountable, but the artists pushed through under the direction of the head organizers Karl Rose V. Gapol and Andre Juacquim Manalo.

From where we are now, the past might just be a memory lost in the twisting flow of time, but reminiscing about the 2000s touched a special place in the hearts of many. Here, Manalo explained the connection of remembering simpler times to the fruition of this year’s theme of the 2000s or “Y2K.”

“We want to go back kasi parang simpler times yung year 2000s na hindi kumplikado like the 2022. Parang mas relaxed tayo nung year 2000s,” Manalo said.

As concepts and plans took shape, the exhibit’s purpose goes beyond leaving the audience in awe with nostalgic artworks but to also provide comfort to those that went through tough times.

“Itong panahon ng pandemic diba parang ang daming nangyayari so naisip namin kapag sa year 2000s, parang you are tapping into what was comforting when you are a kid,” Gapol explained.

Works of art have meaning and the annual tradeshow does too. Aside from PRISM being a yearly tradition, Gapol hoped that every Multimedia Arts student would see it as a stepping stone to unleash their potential, an outlet for expression, and a form of freedom or liberation.


The inner child

More than the artists’ creativity and craftsmanship, this year’s theme “A Journey to the Millennium” required its artists to jog their memories and awaken their inner child from deep slumber.

This year’s PRISM scored a refreshing grasp of the past that cultivated the “inner child” within every spectator. From simple technology down to bygone trends, the eye-catching setups, not to mention the presented works of some beloved alumni through the years had induced colorful memories that drove the urge for tracing the footsteps of the past.

Kasi taong year 2000s, panahon ‘to na wala ka masyadong iniisip. Kasi elementary pa lang tayo diba, wala pa tayong kamuwang-muwang sa mundo. Lahat parang happy lang, easy lang, so for me, ‘yun yung comforting sa pagpili namin [sa theme na ‘to],” Gapol shared as she compared today’s time to childhood days.

Manalo added that nostalgia for him is tantamount to solace that one would want to go back into. “Sa’kin naman, ang dating sa akin ng nostalgia is para siyang solace kasi dito ako pinanganak, noong time na’to. Parang ito yung time na parang gusto kong balik-balikan,” he shared.

In substantiating this year’s theme, different exhibits showcased different concepts. From simpler technologies like PSPs (PlayStation Portable) and older phone and television versions, down to prominent international and local artists of the past, one would definitely have a grip of 2000 feels. Some legendary folktales passed down by word of mouth, anime, and comic strips were also highlighted in some exhibits, magnifying how they were treated as a source of entertainment for Generation (Gen) Zs. The field of multimedia software and how it has evolved were also artistically sported through displayed pictures of earlier forms of graphics and animation.

One particular exhibit that was attention-grabbing for spectators was the ingenious “Early 2000’s bedroom” setup by the organizers. It was a go-to spot where many took the chance of taking snaps of its details and photos of themselves in it. Some even went singing in the karaoke it incorporated.

Parang as if teenager kami, although bata pa kami no’n. This could have been a room that we enjoy, and besides that, gusto namin ng comfort kasi ako at yung kasama ko sa aking exhibit, project heads kami, so feeling ko alam niyo naman yung situation kapag kayo yung project heads, pagod, pagod talaga,” Gapol remarked.



With the success of this annually held trade show event, this traditional celebration of artistry and passion shows no signs of stopping. For as long as the vision to squash the talent to inspire the furtherance of every Lasallian craft thrives, PRISM will carry on to be a top tier platform for innovative minds with top-notch brilliance.


Photo slider by Eurieca Tan

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