PRISM 2021: The 7th Voyage! A Digital Exploration of Reimagined Islands

PRISM 2021: Sailing to a world reimagined

Taking a different turn from previous years, PRISM 2021: The 7th Voyage! A Digital Exploration of Reimagined Islands braved the hurdles of the pandemic as it took art to another level – bringing us into a dimension we did not even imagine. Mounting groundbreaking creative charge, senior students from the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) showcased their thrilling creativity in the reimagination of familiar sights at the much-anticipated tradeshow via Facebook and Behance from December 1 to 4. 

Digital art’s take on the old and new

Revolving around this year’s theme of “Digital Exploration of Reimagined Islands,” the artists veered to the combination of abstract details and the beautiful sights in the Philippines, incorporating the concepts of solar punk, ethereal, and arcade. The wonderful works of art give us a peek of an alternative world – as it lets viewers see and appreciate art on a much more imaginative note. 

Challenging its artists to design a letter and a number with their own art styles, D, the exhibit “30 Types Reimagined” finds its way to leave its audience in awe. This showcase of expansive creativity is made possible with collaboration of imaginative minds, featuring some artworks and abstract illustrations making us think more than twice with minute details and hidden messages waiting to be discovered. 

Steering into the cultural perspective, Karen Reyes takes the audience on a trip down to the history of the Filipinos’ Bayanihan, which revolved around the spirit of the community’s unity and cooperation. The minimalist piece exhibited the rich Filipino culture,  reflecting how Filipinos battle the odds of the pandemic together.


Bayanihan by Karen Reyes

One of the pieces from “B” by Karen Reyes


In a modern take, one of  Bianca Llemos’  pieces under letter H integrated a nostalgic essence with one of the most iconic classic games ever made. Stapling its name not only in the country but also to the world’s gaming culture, this popular game blended into the theme of the exhibit “30 Types Reimagined” and resembled the letter H. Known to all as a mind puzzle game that requires a keen instinct and sound mind as the shaped pieces descend from the top – Tetris evokes nostalgia not just from those who played the game, but also from those who enjoy building blocks.


H by Bianca Llemos

One of the pieces from “H” by Bianca Llemos


As the world witnessed tremendous changes left and right through the course of time, Micah Payaban, on the other hand, made sure that we will never forget our roots and cultural heritage. Payaban’s intriguing piece has blended conspicuous modern elements yet it takes a second look to fully understand the message behind it. Depicting a peaceful  barrio at first glance, viewers can see how the world’s state-of-the-art technology eventually reaches rural areas,  such as  and solar panels. Amid the swift changes, Payaban exemplified how modernization can reach even the farthest corners of our country.


M by Micah Payaban

One of the pieces from “M” by Micah Payaban


Reimagined from north to south

While PRISM 2021 featured modern artworks that tickles our creativity and imagination,the journey does not end there: it takes us even further into a breathtaking voyage of a reimagined world – perhaps a country that we could have hoped for where modernization and nature work in perfect harmony. 

Aiming to showcase sustainable technology and living, Joshua Kaamiño visualized a picturesque Manila Bay waterfront with vertical gardens in buildings standing tall and garden-filled Corregidor Island. The Manila Bay waterfront illustration embraces the idea of urban area living and nature merging together.


Corregidor Island and Manila Bay Waterfront by Joshua Kaamiño

“Corregidor Island and Manila Bay Waterfront” by Joshua Kaamiño


From the northern part of the country, Carrie Concepcion featured the bladeless Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte –a known source of renewable energy in the country. However, this thought-provoking concept exposes a shocking truth on the flip side, unfolding the dangerous impact it poses to the birds and noise pollution.


Bangui Windmills by Carrie Concepcion

“Bangui Windmills” by Carrie Concepcion


Conceptualizing a modern infrastructure and fascinating greenery, Millan Astudillo starred the San Juanico Bridge that connects Leyte and Samar Island. Embracing the solar punk concept, Austadillo turned the bridge into a futuristic transparent tube while adding a lot of greenery instead of infrastructures nearby.


San Juanico Bridge by Milan Astudillo

“San Juanico Bridge” by Milan Astudillo


Taking us farther into the south, Leo Miranda featured the pod-shaped shelters attached to walls of Asik Asik waterfalls in Sitio Dulao, Cotabato. Aside from altering the landscapes of nature, the concept behind the illustration highlights the prime significance of  sustainable architecture in the Philippines – and why we need them more than ever for  the future generations to  come.


Asik Asik Falls by Leo Miranda

“Asik Asik Falls” by Leo Miranda


The voyage to a reimagined world brings us hope into turning our visions to reality. Despite the challenges that artists have battled at the face of a pandemic, PRISM 2021 embodies their sheer tenacity and dedication, inspiring a new breed of  artists to create more masterpieces that do not even cross our imaginations.


Slider Courtesy of PRISM 2021.

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