Presentation of revised IRR expounds on the three learning models for second semester

The University implements fully onsite classes, flexible blended learning, and traditional blended learning models for the second semester of academic year (AY) 2022-2023, as per the presentation of the revised Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) for students on February 7.

Policy Development and Review Office (PDRO) Coordinator Jerome Buhay emphasized the changes in the IRR for the care-centered model during the presentation. “Ngayon din, may mga konting pagbabago because we are trying to maximize the use of classrooms in the University,” Buhay stated.

The revised IRR is also in accordance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) Memorandum Order No. 16 last November 11.


Classes Under the Three Learning Models

  • Onsite classes for subjects and courses under third, fourth, and fifth-year curriculum and major subjects for first and second-year curriculum must be scheduled once a week.
  • Onsite classes for subjects under flex blended learning model must be scheduled on week 4 of the midterm period and week 16 of the final period.
    • During the Onsite Week for classes under the flex blended learning mode, all subjects of first and second-year students under the traditional blended learning will be asynchronous. Meanwhile, classes for third, fourth, and fifth-year students can be either synchronous or asynchronous.

Blended Learning Models AY 2022-2023 2nd Semester

  • For flex blended classes, students are required to attend synchronous classes.
    • 40 percent of absences from synchronous classes for the entire semester means 0.0 final grade.
  • Students will be excused from attending synchronous class if they have onsite classes on the same day.
  • For the number of hours required for fully-onsite classes (per term), kindly refer to the table below:

Fully Onsite AY 2022-2023 2nd Semester



  • Modules per subject must be developed by the department and must be accessible to students on the Schoolbook (SB).
  • For flex blended classes, there shall be a minimum of three and a maximum of six modules per term.
  • For traditional blended classes, the number of modules must be a minimum of two and a maximum of six modules per term.
  • For flex blended classes, modules should be uploaded on SB at least a week before the target date of presentation to ensure that materials are available for students.
  • For traditional and flex blended classes, modules must be uploaded on or before the target week of presentation.
  • Students may be required for their classes to buy books, any educational technology tools, or copyrighted modules prepared by faculty members.


Summative and Enabling Assessments

  • Summative assessments for fully onsite classes will be given face-to-face.
  • For traditional blended classes and flex blended classes, the summative assessment may be given online or face-to-face as per the decision of the department.
  • A maximum of two enabling assessments are allowed in a week.
    • Online enabling assessments must have a maximum of two attempts.
    • The time allotted for answering online enabling assessments will be decided by the department concerned.
  • Students may be allowed to ask for extension for the submissions, subject to the professor’s discretion.


Grading System

  • The department will decide the grading system provided that 30 percent must be allotted for summative assessments. The remaining percentage shall be allotted for class participation and enabling assessments.
  • Traditional blended classes shall follow the grading system provided in the student handbook.
  • Professors are required to configure the SB Gradebook according to the breakdown of grades in the syllabus to reflect the respective grades of students.
  • All assessments, whether online or onsite, shall be reflected in the SB Gradebook.


Self-Care Week

  • There will only be one institutional Self-Care Week to be observed for the entire semester, which is scheduled after midterms examination week.
  • No deadline of assessments must be made the week following the Self-Care Week. This rule only applies to assessments given before the Self-Care Week.

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