Minimum of three assessment attempts for the upcoming semester says OVCAR

Assessment attempts will be a minimum of three as of the August 5 update from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academics and Research (OVCAR) on the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) for the upcoming semester.

This specification is a development from Learning Continues Plan 2.0 posted last April 7, which initially allowed unlimited attempts. Meanwhile, the new course design framework for the academic year (AY) 2020-2021 did not state a minimum number of attempts at all, only the fact that it will be limited. 

Deadlines and assessments

OVCAR also mentioned that the deadline for the paths accomplishment in Schoolbook is extended, with Level 4 set before the first semester begins and Level 5 set before the first semester ends. 

They also agreed on changing some terms, such as learning objectives into learning outcomes and formative assessments into enabling assessments.

The advisory also clarified changes for the framework, reiterating the exclusion of class participation from the grading system.

Home-Based Modular learning

For module distribution, students are allowed to get printed copies, e-copy, or both. Modules will be centralized as its components “can take a variety of forms (upon the initiative of the faculty) as long as they are aligned to […] the syllabus and all materials are provided for free”.

For Home Based-Modular (HBM) learning, students can shift from online to HBM in “extreme cases,” and only after they have finished the midterm. Qualifications for the HBM mode will be determined by the Scholarship Office (SO).

“Approval shall come from the faculty concerned, chair of the faculty, and the Office of University Registrar (OUR),” the update added.

In line with OVCAR’s advisory, Policy Development and Review Office (PDRO) Coordinator Jerome Buhay shared the second update of the IRRs this August 19, addressing “questions, inquiries, and suggestions given by the faculty”. 

To provide directions for students and guidance for teachers, the update listed down the syllabus, module mapping, and the outline for the first three weeks as IRR requirements.

“Modules can be formed through various forms (including recycled materials) as long as the outcomes/objectives are clearly outlined, contents are clear, activities are available, and assessments are aligned with the outcomes,” Buhay explained.

The deadline for submission of the syllabus to the chair was extended to August 21, while the submission of modules (for the first three weeks) to chairs was moved to September 4.  

For any concerns on the IRR updates, you can send them to [email protected] or directly to the PDRO Coordinator [email protected]


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