LIST: Guidelines for non-credit mark and deadlines for outputs, grades

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (OVCAR) clarified the use of non-credit (NC) grade in an advisory released on May 8, after the University Student Government (USG) High Court asked for an elaboration. 

OVCAR also clarified the schedule of grade submissions for the second semester of the academic year (AY) 2019-2020:


Non-credit or NC grade 

It implies that the student will neither receive a failed or passed mark for the subject. It will not also have any bearing on the computation of grades for Latin Honors, retention in the program, nor application or retention of scholarship given by the University. 


Deadlines for grades and outputs

  • Missed deadlines for learning outputs can be completed within one academic year (AY 2020-2021).
    • Until completion, the student’s grade will be in-progress
    • In case of failure to meet requirements by the end of AY 2020-2021, the subject will be marked NC and will need to be retaken.
  • For the graduating students applying for medical school, June 30 is the deadline of learning outputs. 
    • Submission of grades is until July 15.
  • For the rest of the students, August 3 is the deadline of learning outputs. 
    • Grades of other graduating students can be submitted until August 15.
  • Grades of the rest of undergraduate students can be submitted until the end of the first semester next AY.

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