LIST: Directives for essential entry in campus

The advisory issued by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (OVCAR) stated measures for possible entry in the campus, as posted on May 8. 

According to the advisory, it depends on the policies given by the national, provincial, and city governments whether the students are allowed to enter the campus for the following reasons:


  • They have to acquire important materials for schoolwork. 
  • They have agreed for an onsite defense, submission of requirements, and thesis related concerns with faculty concerned. 
  • They are to transact and obtain documents that the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) and Center of Student Admissions (CSA) cannot accommodate online. 
  • The library is open but physical distancing is strictly observed
    • Graduate students are allowed to visit.
    • Undergraduate students are allowed only for urgent transactions. 


The General Services Office (GSO) also listed protocols on security, safety, and health to be implemented when entering school premises while under general community quarantine (GCQ). 


Safety and Security Protocols:

    • DLSU-D employees shall use their official email address for this.
  • The stay of the visitor is only limited to what is in their request. 
  • Bringing belongings outside and inside campus grounds shall be coordinated with GSO. 
  • University stickers are needed for a vehicle to enter the campus. 
  • These protocols are to be applied by Third Party Providers. Safety standards will be added if they are required by the unit/office/provider they are serving. 


General Protocols: 

  • Guidelines from the Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) are applied for staff and Academic Service Personnel (ASP). 
  • Faculty members and students shall abide by the memorandum issued by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (OVCAR). 
  • A request shall be endorsed by the OVCAR and approved by the GSO for employees entering the campus that are not part of the skeletal force. 


Health Protocols:

  • Face masks are to be worn while inside the campus. 
  • At every point of entry, checking of body temperature by thermal scanning is to be done.
    • Visitors with 37.5 degrees Celsius and above are advised to go home and seek medical assistance. 
  • If a person is unwell inside the University, they will be brought to the University Clinic to be checked. 
    • Suspected COVID-19 patients are to follow government-issued protocols and seek medical assistance including taking a test. 
  • Covering of the mouth when sneezing and coughing is strictly advised.
  • Six-feet-apart physical distance is to be practiced. 
  • Face-to-face interaction is discouraged.
  • Mass gathering inside the University is prohibited.
  • Rubbing alcohol and sanitizing gels will be stationed near the gates.
    • Soap and sanitizing gels are made ready in restrooms as well.
  • For hazardous materials such as face masks and tissue papers, there are separate trash bins strictly for the disposal of those items. 


Transportation and Traffic Scheme:

  • For pedestrians, entrance and exit is at Gate 1 (Magdalo).
  • For vehicles, entrance is at Gate 2 (Magpuri) and exit is at Gate 4 (Magtagumpay). 
    • If going to Ayuntamiento De Gonzales or Museo De La Salle area, turn left at the road in front of Julian Felipe Hall (JFH) and must turn left again at the corner. 
    •  If going to the West Campus, vehicles shall go to Paulo Campos road turning right to Acacia road if going to College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) area; or going straight and turning right at the corner if going to Gregoria Montoya Hall. 
  • Lake Avenue remains closed unless the traffic needs to be alleviated. 
  • Transport requests are granted under the existing measures by the government in response to the pandemic.


Photo by Rona Santarin

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