Judiciary speaks up about online classes; raises transparency concerns within USG

The University Student Government (USG) High Court released a statement calling upon the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Research (OVCAR) to review the updated measures on the distance learning mode amid the pandemic, stressing the need for a “compassionate and student-centered” response on May 3.

With the daily struggles of professors, administrators, and students, the High Court aims to reiterate their pleas to suspend online classes and implement mass promotion.

The statement mainly demands transparency regarding the results of the surveys on online classes, along with the assurance of compliance to directives among professors. They also urge the University student leaders to use their voice and fight for the rights of their fellow students.

The High Court also requests for a comprehensive explanation regarding the NC (non-credit) grade and a detailed outline regarding graduation, as stated in the “CLARIFICATIONS and UPDATES in RELATION to PLAN B.”

The High Court deeply emphasizes the need for transparency for the numerous surveys conducted by the University about the students’ access to the “efficacy of the online classes”, the capacity to connect to instructed academic platforms, and its effect to the mental and emotional health of the students.

USG transparency

Chief Justice Sean Getape mentioned in an online interview with The HERALDO FILIPINO that the Judiciary branch struggles to gather information from the two branches, the Executive and Legislative, even before the pandemic.

“We can build a better government body for the whole student body, […] a government that move [sic, moves] as one for the benefit of all our fellow students,” Getape shared, detailing the need for the improvement of communication between departments. 

Getape also highlighted the role of the Judiciary branch to represent their fellow students who face difficulties with internet access and well-being because of the pandemic.

Getape shared that the Judiciary “just want [sic, wants] to make sure that no student will be left behind.” 

As of press time, the judicial branch is planning a joint statement with other college student governments and program councils regarding student concerns and the present situation in the University. 


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