ICTC addresses downtime of online services

The downtime of various DLSU-D online services when accessed outside of the University’s premises during the first week of February is due to problems with the University’s internet service provider (ISP), Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) Director Ma. Kristina Miciano addressed.

“It took a while bago talaga naayos ng [ISP]” she said, explaining that the University’s ISP Converge ICT had technical difficulties during the time when there was difficulty accessing the University Portal and other websites that provided resource management services for staff and students. While, some Microsoft Office 365 services (such as Outlook Mail, OneDrive) also had problems when accessed by users with accounts.

Miciano also noted that she was scheduled to meet with the ISP last February 19 to ask for their explanation for the downtime. 

Kasi ‘yung ganoong problem (ISP technical issues), it’s beyond our control eh, third party kasi. We can only do so much na ang talagang magagawa na lang namin ay makipag-coordinate and make sure na well-attended ang problem.”

Meanwhile, there is also a backup ISP for connections for the ICTC to switch to, which is why some users are able to properly access the University Portal and DLSU-D resources inside the campus. Furthermore, incoming traffic from outside connections gets their Internet Protocol (IP) Address to become dependent on the Converge ICT, which made access difficult to University websites and Outlook Mail.

Naglabas kami ng memo through e-mail na mainform ang community na ICTC is doing our part na ma-coordinate ito sa mga dapat na ma i-coordinate namin and closely we are monitoring kung ano ‘yung nangyayari and [hinihingi] ‘yung updates,” Miciano concluded.

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