How to lowkey celebrate Valentine’s Day

Nobody ever associates the word “lowkey” with Valentine’s because a.) it’s either go big or go home, and b.) “highkey” feelings don’t require “lowkey” solutions. But nobody said Valentine’s always had to be grand, and just because you’re “lowkey” celebrating Valentine’s doesn’t mean your feelings are any less either. 

And because shy and laid-back people exist, here’s a compiled list of some  “lowkey” ways for you to celebrate Valentine’s, to make sure that you get your feelings to that Special Someone™ while remaining under the radar!

One PM away 

Personal messages are effective because they’re…well…personal. Messenger, Twitter, Instagram—we use these apps every day for at least every hour. But at times like this, ask yourselves this question: are we using them when it matters? 


  1. Facebook Messenger

Don’t let the usual chat heads fool you. You might see it everyday, but you never know who’s hoping to see yours pop up on their phones during Valentine’s. The message may be as lengthy as an entire paragraph, a simple sticker, or a well-referenced GIF that would make them ask: “what did you type to get this GIF?,” but just be sure you’re sending it to the right person. (No, the wrong sent trick can’t always be your scapegoat.) 

And if you’re too shy to type out words, never fear! It’s 2020, and we live in the era of punny Valentine’s Day cards and wholesome memes. If you’re brave enough, you can send them without context—but that may arguably be too much for someone trying to be subtle…unless?


  1. Profoundly

Want to be personal without the commitment? Then profoundly is just for you. If you loved Curious Cat, then you’ll have the time of your life sending anonymous messages to your phone contacts and Facebook friends—and you can be on the receiving end too! Besides, who doesn’t love a secret admirer? (Just don’t be creepy).

[Insert their name here]⎮a chill mix

Back in the day, people exchanged VCR tapes, CD albums, and even personal mixes. Confessing through music had always been the height of romance—especially if it’s a serenade—but who’s to say your Spotify playlist can’t do the serenading for you? 

Gather all the songs that contain the words you never got to say, have them sung exactly the way you wanted it. Include your personal favorites, but include the trendy ones too—ones that definitely speak uwu energy.

Luckily, we have some recommendations that you might want to include in your playlist.


  1. Lover by Taylor Swift

Lover is a country, indie folk and pop ballad that features a booming snare, slow tempo and, guitar-centric sound. Over a retro-styled musical motif, Taylor sings lyrics about devotion and falling in love to her partner, English actor Joe Alwyn. It is also described by some critics as a “love letter to the person you want to be with forever”.


  1. Araw-Araw by Ben&Ben

Araw-Araw is a Filipino word which means “everyday,” perfect for showing love and reassurance to your special someone each day. It is a modern-day ballad that lays down the flow starting from a chance encounter with someone, leading to loving commitment to that person. The song tells this through chilling harmonies and calming melodies and instrumentations that gives a feeling of longing and assurance. 


  1. Pagtingin by Ben&Ben

Pagtingin is a laid-back, soul-infused folk-pop track that sings about the uncertainty that comes with baring your feelings for someone else. It lays open through steady rhythms, gospel-style harmonies and playful violin, piano and electric guitar lines that give a familiar feeling that most of us go through but rarely talk about.


  1. Klwkn by Music Hero

Klwkn (or Kalawakan) is the Tagalog translation for the word universe. It’s a love song that emphasizes the romance of having your special someone by your side while the whole universe is watching.


In case you have classes, suckers

If anonymous letters are your thing, then campus gimmicks like that of the Communication Program Council (CPC)’s got your back. Bring out the hopeless romantic in you (anonymously, of course) by sending letters to your special someone. For only 20 pesos, you can get the CPC to send your letters in your stead, without the worry of being found out OR the stress of having to send them yourself. 

Of course, you can choose to reveal yourself as the sender, but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling. Imagine the look on your special someone’s face once they get an unexpected message—and it can be as short, long, bitter, or as sweet as you want. 

Note: Letter Senders also come with SEP stickers, so think of it as romance with a cause! 

There’s also a chocolate-sending program by the Political Science Program Council (PSPC) if you want to go the extra mile. But if all of these are too much for a “lowkey” celebration for you, you can ride the Ikot La Salle jeepney for free. It doesn’t happen all the time so try to make new memories on the ride today.




Highkey or lowkey, Valentine’s Day is a special day to remind us that there are finer things in life—and sometimes, these finer things come in the form of small gestures, such as a simple Happy Valentine’s Day.

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