DLSU-D student orgs, CJD stand for media freedom as ABS-CBN shuts down

Communication and Journalism Department (CJD), 95.9 Green FM, College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Government (CLACSG) and its program councils, and The HERALDO FILIPINO (HF) issued statements against the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) cease and desist order for ABS-CBN.

On May 5, ABS-CBN was forced to shut down through a cease and desist order, the first time it was shut down again after the military takeover during the Marcos administration.

CJD and Green FM condemned the order, claiming that it is a “blatant suppression to our democratic and constitutional rights” and “a manifestation of grave abuse of power and authority.” They also declared standing alongside ABS-CBN in its fight against the harassment of the media.



While, BJPC issued a unity statement against the cease and desist order of NTC, saying that the closure of the media giant “is fueled by a personal vendetta, carried out by a fascist authoritarian figure who is threatened by the fourth estate.” Furthermore, they called on President Rodrigo Duterte to set aside his personal agenda and ensure that he puts the country’s ideals first.



CLACSG and its program councils also expressed their stance against the order of NTC, disapproving all the actions that threaten the freedom of speech and the security of the press. “Information from different news outlets is highly significant at times of a global pandemic,” their statement reads.



HF also strongly condemned the cease and desist order. As campus journalists, the student publication emphasized their role in the conversation of press freedom. “We stand with ABS-CBN network in following the truth where it leads.”



Like the statements made by CJD, BJPC and CLACSG, HF called for the free circulation of information, “At a time when the public needs more reliable sources of news, shutting down one of the biggest media outlets in the country is a disservice to the Filipino people.”

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