DLSU-D CCJE esports squads top Virtual Blitz: The Ultimate Battle – Invt’ls

Loaded with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML:BB), Valorant, and Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) tournaments, the DLSU-D College of Criminal Justice and Education (CCJE) gave the Lasallians a piece of esports action with the Virtual Blitz: The Ultimate Battle – Invitationals during the Lasallian Festival (LSF), held via MS Teams and Facebook Live on April 24. 

Facing off co-CCJE esports enthusiasts from Our Lady of Fatima University – Quezon City (OLFU-QC) and University of Cordilleras (UC), the DLSU-D CCJE squads Gwapulis Esports (GE), Invictus, and Spartans Ratatat (SR) topped the tournament with their nifty performance in the online standoff.  

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The Gwapulis Esports (GE) aced the ML:BB series after going up against the UC Finests (UCF) using Selena-Rafaela-Granger-Alice-Chou mash-up in the finals. 

With 10:15 in the timeframe, GE maintained an edge over the foe in the kill department. After respawning in the latter part of the match, the winning team snuck in the jungle lane to put the Lord alongside them in aim to pierce UCF’s base and eventually escape their first encounter over the UCF. 

In the second round, GE once again garnered gold in their advantage while ganking up on the enemy at the bottom lane. Most Valuable Player (MVP) Jude Chan (IGN: Tsunade) of the team Gwapulis with the marksman hero “Granger”, critically vied for kills that punctuated the best-of-three virtual fisticuffs.


In a 5v5 and best-of-three game mechanics, the DLSU-D Invictus agents clutched a come-from-behind mission against the OLFU-CCJE QC, 2-1, to cap-off the victory of the Valorant match up. 

OLFU-CCJE QC got the upper hand when they won the first raise-to-thirteen match at the Haven terrain. 

Meanwhile, Invictus showed up in the match when the map was changed to Bind for the second round.

In this encounter, both teams held on to an offense-defense strategy. But at 11-11, the visiting squad, while playing offense, made an entry at the site B barrier of Invictus and swiftly planted the spike. Invictus, with one player remaining, snuck in the aim of a clutch and miraculously achieved the defuse when the spike was unguarded, 12-11.

 The clincher round was easily bombarded by the Invictus with confidence over the foe, making Kyle Aldrich Rayray (IGN: Beast) the MVP, setting course to victory along with the whole Invictus team effort. 

Call of Duty: Mobile 

Being a game of soldiers and mission-enthused firing match, the Call of Duty: Mobile was the closest to CCJE participants’ interest in esports. 

As the representatives of DLSU-D, Spartans Ratatat (SR) finished the ordeal without a hitch over OLFU Team Cambs as the match lasted for only 6:45 timeframe in the first round and 15 minutes in the second. 

Jeremy Karel Ambat (IGN: SR. KAREL) got a total of four kills in both rounds and seized the MVP title. He also played for the Valorant and ML:BB events as a starter for the squads but according to him, CODM among others is what he plays the most. “Mas gamay ko po kasi ‘yon (CODM) ‘yong lagi naming nilalaro [na] magkakaklase. Bonding na rin po namin kahit malalayo,” he said to The HERALDO FILIPINO in an online interview. 

Esports amid distance learning 

Prior to the Virtual Blitz: The Ultimate Battle-Invitationals, CCJESG steered an inter-department competition among the teamed-up CCJE gamers titled The Clash of Falcons Online Tournament on April 21, wherein GE, Invictus, and Spartans Ratatat turned out victorious and qualified to represent for the final juncture.  

According to CCJESG in an email interview with The HERALDO FILIPINO, the events aimed to maximize esports for its enthusiasts,  nurturing “relationships through shared moments, and improve their social skills in an enjoyable [and] competitive world.”  

Additionally, the student government highlighted the importance of esports amid distance learning, as it serves as a platform for socializing and building camaraderie among CCJE students while physically apart. 

“[E]sports competition may help in lessening the stressful environment the pandemic has caused […] This event also helps in socializing with other students, not only from our college, but from other schools.” wrote CCJESG. 

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