CSO ‘amplifies’ Lasallian youth at LYS 2018

The Council of Student Organizations (CSO) empowered the Lasallian youth with Lasallian Youth Summit (LYS) 2018: Amplify, with guest speakers Brent Reodica, Venchito Tampon Jr., and Marlon Molmisa who discussed Youth Development and Leadership, Career, and Organization and Integration, respectively, held on April 24 at the Ugnayang La Salle.



Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (VCAR) Marco Saez opened the event with a reminder for the students to “amplify” their voices and to promote service to the community through three main points.

“What should we make louder? Talk about the important things, to make society better. Listen to one another, listen to the opinions of other people. Couple amplification with action.” Saez furthered. “You are at the stage of your life where you could be heard.”



With the theme “A Millennial Purpose: Leading and Integration for the Youth”, as per LYS 2018 Project Head Michelle Mamisao, this year’s LYS  focused on youth involvement and youth development, adding the significance of career awareness and integration with other people for self-betterment to excel in the future.

For the first speaker, Brent Reodica of Team Aguhon, a professional training institution for students, started his talk on youth leadership and emphasized the importance of influence in strengthening values to find students’ purpose as leaders.



Second speaker Venchito Tampon Jr., a leadership trainer, discussed using every opportunity as a stepping stone, adding that the right mindset, skillset, and “heartset” will find one’s passion in life.

“Wasted time is a missed opportunity to grow,” Tampon said. “Real passion is the willingness to sacrifice and to work hard for what you love. Discover your gifts.”



Tampon also mentioned that it’s never too late to switch to a career path on a different field from one’s college degree, “Build credibility by consistently doing the right things.”

Lastly, leadership guru Marlon Molmisa advised the participants that to be great leaders, they have to be an “underdog.”



“Great leaders always go back to where they started,” Molmisa furthered. “Lead an underdog. Lead the FAT – Faithful. Available. Teachable.”

Students from the Senior High School and from the various colleges of DLSU-D were present during the event.


As the second part of the two-part event, Kantahan, Tugtugan, at Sayawan (KTS) XIX: Upsurge was the afternoon session of the event, featuring performances by Callalily, Ben&Ben, December Avenue, and IV of Spades,  along with other Lasallian talents and various Performing Arts Groups (PAG).

With LYS 2018 and KTS XIX as a merged event, CSO President Ada Granados mentioned that they had a “hard time” for a huge event that needed to be merged.

“To be honest, nahirapan talaga kami kasi it’s a too big event. Pero yong idea kasi namin dito (merged event) na parang it’s a package, as Lasallians, dapat hindi lang tayo marunong mag-enjoy lang for such concerts, kagaya ng KTS. Dapat before tayo magbigay ng mga ganoong events, marunong din tayong magbigay ng events na nakaka-empower,” Granados said.

Granados also clarified that the tickets included access to both LYS 2018: Amplify and KTS XIX: Upsurge, addressing the concern of some students on the ticket price, as there were some interested in only attending KTS.

“The CSO does not want money, and money alone. Kaya siya gano’n, yong price, kasi because it’s a two-part event, and they (attendees) will get advantages ‘don sa [mga] event na yon,” she furthered.

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