CLACSG appeals against online classes to VCAR

College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Government (CLACSG) calls for an appeal for the suspension of online classes in response to the updated measures given by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (OVCAR), March 29.

“We discern that it [the memorandum] lacks provisions that acknowledge the students’ concerns,” CLACSG said.



Reasons for the appeal of the resumption of online classes includes concerns for deadlines, incompatibility of e-classes to laboratory classes and major subjects, and failure of some professors to comply with the measures.

According to the weekly assessment done by the CLACSG through respective block presidents, some professors are not following the given guidelines thus, “the students do not feel secured […] since accountability from the professors is not guaranteed.” 

There are also concerns about the survey given, such as more than half of the student population not being able to respond, with 35% of the respondents having limited or no internet connection at all. The government body also believes that 36% of the student population who was able to answer the survey “does not well represent the will of the learners.”

Upon citing their stance, the CLACSG states that they are  “calling for makeup classes that are appropriate to the tuition and miscellaneous fees that the students pay for.” 

As of press time, the OVCAR has not yet responded to the appeal against the resumption of classes by the CLACSG.

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