Despite being not regularly used for two consecutive academic years (AY), the DLSU-D sports facilities and other equipment and apparatuses

Originally published in HF Volume 36 Issue 1 DLSU-D University Student Government (USG) Sports and Recreation is considering the possibility of

To capture a title and to win big is one of the many ambitions of 22-year old Patriot Jenina Marie

Originally published in The HERALDO FILIPINO Volume 36 Issue 1. Another challenge arises for many student athletes amid academic responsibilities and

The heroes we look up to all the time always come with special powers and magical traits. But Zero to

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) Stallions reclaimed the championship title in this year’s Hip Hop Street Dance

Baller⎯not the accessory⎯a slang term for those playing basketball. Almost every Filipino baller started from streetball. Even NBA players like Kyrie