“Why was Green Shirt Day discontinued?”

A memo was released today by the Office of Student Services (OSS) Dean Arch. Antonio Gutierrez Jr. stipulating that Fridays are no longer considered “Lasallian Green Shirt Fridays.”



However, the decision to remove Lasallian Green Shirt Friday is not from Gutierrez, as the change follows the revisions coming from the DLSU-D 2018-2022 Student Handbook from the previous academic year (AY).

Provision 1.6.3, under Section 1: General Directives of the updated Student Handbook states: “Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform inside the university premises within the week except during Wednesdays and Saturdays, where they can either wear civilian or Lasallian shirt, and Tuesdays, where they can wear the college-prescribed practicum uniforms and/or corporate attire.


Policy through the years

The Lasallian Green Shirt Day started in 2011 through the celebration of “Green Day” more than 7 years ago on a Thursday in March 10, 2011.

The tradition continued in 2013 in celebration of Lasallian Earth day by former Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (VCAR) Dr. Olivia Legaspi.

The policy at the time only catered for the rest of the academic year; however, it has since then been followed in the University and has been part of the Lasallian tradition, despite not being explicitly stated in the DLSU-D Student Handbook.



Moreover, this is not the first time that the removal of Lasallian Green Shirt Friday was under scrutiny, as on 2016, political party SENTRO-La Salle released a statement in support with the 2016-2017 University Student Council opposing the Lasallian Green Shirt Friday removal.

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