Vlogger’s Expo: Lights, camera, passion

The DLSU-D Communication and Media Society (COMMSOC) hosted the event “Vlogger’s Expo: In Spectrum” attended by Lasallians and outsiders interested in the art of vlogging, on March 9, at the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Salrial Hall.

Project head Salvé Dalmacio shared that the said event aimed to help aspirant vloggers find the courage to pursue sharing their content online. “To the Lasallians who want to start their own YouTube channel, just do it,” she said.

It’s a new wave for aspiring influencers and avid vlog subscribers as the DLSU-D Communication and Media Society (COMMSOC) brought some of our favorite online personalities for “Vlogger’s Expo: In Spectrum”, a crash course on vlogging and creating quality content, on March 9, at the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Salrial Hall, where more than a hundred people came to discover the secrets of vlogging in all its artistic glory.



Vlog is the new blog

Looking back on last year’s theme of blogging, this year, COMMSOC caught up with the trend and upgraded to vlogging.

“We recognize kasi the evolution of media in the form of lifestyle blogging, and stuff like that. And na-realize namin ‘yong importance ng YouTube in the everyday lives of the Filipino millennials kaya we had decided to shift from Blogger’s to Vlogger’s Expo,” said project head Salvé Dalmacio.

The inspiration for the event came from Dalmacio’s fascination with vlogs and how genuine some of them are, a sentiment that a lot of people share. It gives you a slice of reality—walang halong ‘eme’, walang halong arte,” Dalmacio added.

The theme for the event, “In Spectrum”, was explained to represent an array of colors, topics, themes, and all the facets of vlogging that those who are interested in starting their own channel ought to learn.



Familiar faces

As for the speakers, COMMSOC gathered four young Filipino online influencers (that you probably know already), each with their own style and field of specialization.

The first speaker, Ida Siasoco a 21-year-old art student, talked about her experiences when she started vlogging. According to her, her content is random but altogether interesting for viewers her age, especially girls who love watching DIY tutorials, makeup diaries, and travel vlogs. In her talk, she said that beginners usually encounter problems such as lack of equipment and proper setting to make quality videos, and that shouldn’t discourage anyone from pursuing content creation.

Meanwhile, DLSU-D’s very own fashion vlogger Tyra Crisostomo discussed basic yet valuable tips that potential vloggers need to keep in mind upon starting a YouTube channel. The tips range from improvising in DIY equipment and lighting to choosing the best title format for YouTube videos. She also warned the audience that in the life of a popular figure, the emergence of bashers is imminent and should be expected.

Lifestyle vlogger Nate Punzalan shared his story and a couple insights about finding purpose in what you do. When it comes to technicality and style, “Consistency is key” is a phrase he couldn’t stress enough. He believes it’s all about seizing the day, and that’s why his vlogs always make sure to encourage watchers to make the most of life.

Lastly, the audience got to hear from internet sensation Emman Nimendez about passion and the interesting backstory that led to his career as a visual storyteller and content creator for ABS-CBN. Dubbed as the “Pambansang Oppa”, Nimendez has a way of capturing his viewers with his parody videos that contain a beauty rivalling the original takes and the humor that hooks subscribers by the dozen.

These influencers who stood before the audience are those who have overcome the struggle of stepping out of their comfort zone to let the world see for themselves what they’re passionate about. And hopefully, their talks inspire those who are hesitating on the edge to take the leap.


All things considered, Vlogger’s Expo imparted a lot of inside knowledge and courage for aspiring vloggers and budding fans alike. What makes the event even better is its charitable intent as all proceeds went to CANCERVANTS PH, an organization which doesn’t only aim to spread pediatric cancer awareness but also covers hospitalization costs and medical procedures for young cancer patients. The fact that this event benefits not only its participants but a wholly different community speaks volumes about what media influence can do for the betterment of society.