Newly appointed USC Asst. Secretary Reibien Arcilla clarifies reason for Business Mngr disqualification

After former University Student Council (USC) 2017-2018 Business Manager Reibien Arcilla was disqualified from the said position, USC 2017-2018 President Israel Pajarillo appointed Arcilla to be the council’s assistant secretary.

As per Arcilla, “Israel was the one who initiated to appoint me as the assistant secretary and the decision was later on made by the Executive Board with a unanimous result.”

According to Article VI, Section 1 d. of the 2013 Amended USC Constitution, the President holds the power to create special committees and may appoint the chairman and members of the said committees as deemed necessary and in line with the USC’s objectives.

“It (appointment as assistant secretary) will surely not be a surprise if he (Arcilla) will perform to the best of his ability. In the council, we (USC officers) believe that our positions do not reflect the amount of contribution we can give to the team,” incumbent USC 2017-2018 Business Manager Kurt Rayburn added.

Reason for disqualification

Arcilla clarified the reason for disqualification as it was based off on Article 7, Section 2 of the 2013 Amended USC Constitution, which states that officers are automatically disqualified if they have obtained a failing grade in any of the subjects enrolled immediately before and/or during his/her term.”

He clarified, “First po, I was dropped out from my subject dahil po sa failure due to excessive absences. Seven (absences) is allowed, I had eight. Technically po, hindi po ako failed dahil sa failing grade kasi po, kung hindi po ako naka-obtain ng eight absences, passed po ako.”

As to why he has obtained eight absences, Arcilla explained that he has his own personal reasons for his excessive absences and that this will serve as a lesson for him.

“After all, this won’t stop me on serving the best way that I can. I will assure to those who believed in me that I will still give back (the service) and will not waste whatever opportunity (that) might come,” Arcilla said.

As of press time, the resolution for Arcilla’s appointment as the assistant secretary of USC is yet to be officially signed.