The Farmers’ Struggle

Along the highway of Governor’s Drive in the City of Dasmariñas lies the village of Barangay Langkaan I, also known as Lupang Ramos, a community consisting of almost 300 farming families. Despite the farmers having a little to nothing, there’s one thing they own that they are wholeheartedly proud of—their heart for the 372-hectares agricultural land brimming with rice, corn, banana, pineapple and other crops.

However, for more than three decades now, their land still remains under a dispute between Emirito M. Ramos and the farmworkers. As their case is still under investigation, fear lingers on in the lives of each farmer and their families. But for them, it isn’t the end, as the struggle for their rightly-owned land still serves as their ongoing purpose to fight.











Photos by Pia Marantan, Justine Bea Bautista, Jean Quinto, and Bermanie Jean Doniña

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