From screen to stage: YouTube FanFest Manila 2017

For the third consecutive year, YouTube brought another set of creators all around the world to gather their fans for one spectacular event—YouTube FanFest Manila. Getting bigger and bigger year after year, deafening screams from ans dominated the night at the World Trade Center, Pasay City as the YouTube creators came out of the screen—literally and figuratively—to perform onstage.


Behind the scenes

Even before the gates opened, the YouTube creators gathered for the press conference at the same venue to announce their upcoming performances and what they had to say about the Philippines. Creators explained several scenarios of being a YouTuber and how hard it is to be an entertainer and be private about their lives at the same time. Crossing boundaries, Asia Pacific YouTube Online Partner Development Director Dave Powell also shared how YouTube FanFest helped them reach 65 percent growth on YouTube usage in the Philippines. He also promised to create more events and seminars to draw more attention from the Filipinos and to acknowledge the fans for their outrageous support.


Unlocking the FanFest

Presenting more creators than ever, the day started with a festival full of booths from sponsors and shows from local and international creators. Starting from the band The Three of Us’ fantastic performance as Ivy Hermogenes, Thea Panaguiton, and Adora San Pedro gave the crowd swooning sounds. Followed by Karl Zarate’s own rendition of the song Kahit Kailan by Southborder while nailing the high-pitch part which lead to the clamor of the fans. Not only singing to her own acoustic rendition of The Weeknd’s I Feel It Coming, singer-vlogger Renee Dominique also gave away her ukulele to a lucky fan from the crowd.

Next up was cover singers and vloggers the Caleon twins as Samantha and Madeleine sang the ever-famous soundtrack of the movie Moana—How Far I’ll Go. Dancer Riva Quenery performed her astounding dance moves while teaching the crowd some sweet jagger. As the main event was approaching, Zendee Tenerefe or the “Random Girl” covered the song One Day by Matisyahu with the fans singing along to the tune.


On to the main event

Another surprise happened as DJ Mars Miranda performed booming remixes that made the crowd rave and dance like there was no tomorrow. Pulling the curtains, singer-songwriter and vlogger Mikey Bustos performed with a song he just wrote for YTFF while wearing a Mulawin-themed costume as he opened the main event as the host. Grooving with the music, Jayden Rodrigues, Matt Stefanina, and Ranz Kyle with her sister Niana Guererro entertained the fans with their moves while teaching the fans how to dance to the beat as well.

Recapping from the last two years, Twitter user @reeseaudrey_’s hashtag #BringYouTubersToMNL and the nonstop support from Filipino fans made it possible for the YTFF to come to the Philippines. Since then, Filipinos have not only been entertained, but also inspired as more and more Pinoys have joined the YouTube community while also becoming one of the most active users of the website.


Having the loudest screams in the event, France’s Got Talent top 3 Alienette Coldfire gave the watchers goosebumps with her singing prowess, while violinist Jun Sung Ahn or JuNCurryAhn performed a violin cover of the Korean drama OST of Goblin, Beautiful Life.

Uplifting the fans all over the stage, singer-songwriter Megan Nicole, singer-actress Kristel Fulgar, and beauty vlogger Janina Vela gave advice on being confident about themselves while offering the crowd heartwarming songs.  

Showing off comedic performances, radio host and creator Lloyd Cadena danced comically with his colleagues, while Vlog squad’s Wil Dasovich, his sister Haley Dasovich, and Daniel Marsh with the help of Alex Wassabi accepted the challenge involving a Face Mouth Slimmer and guessing the words. Meanwhile, Lauren Riihimaki or LaurDIY with her partner Alex Wassabi also challenged themselves with a game of pictogram. Closing the event, comedian and author Lily Singh performed three of her rap songs onstage while her fans greeted her with loud screams and relentless cheering.



It was an entirely different experience to witness the people you usually see on your computer screens who are now performing onstage for the fans. Not just for the fun and laughter, the event also inspired a lot of Filipinos to try their hand at YouTube like their idols. With all the Filipino fans’ undying support, there’s no question that this won’t be the last YouTube FanFest, but an epic gate to even bigger events.