Pinto Art Museum: A door to the soul

6. Gallery 6
Two hallways lead to Gallery 6: the first one had two doorways on the right-hand side that opened to small rooms of themed art collections. More than once, one of us commented how it felt like we were peeking into a person’s private collection. In the other hallway, a door leads to the Bamboo Forest, an interactive installation art by Antonio Leaño. The feeling inspired by the room is almost inexplicable—it’s like walking through Narnia, only with less sun and snow and more serene ponds and bamboo trees.

Gallery 6 seems to be a fan favorite. The defining aspect of the room was the two-level design with high ceilings and second floor walkway that gives you the chance to appreciate the art from all angles. The second floor rooms designed like a person’s bedroom and study room only emphasize the Filipiniana charm and homey environment of the museum that fills every nook and cranny with art that appeals to the soul.


The Verdict
It seemed that we’ve reached the end of the road after seeing everything there was to see at the Pinto Art Museum. Tired, hungry, yet utterly gratified, we lounged on one of the sofas like a bunch of satisfied cats.

Pinto Art Museum succeeds in fulfilling its visitors not with the grandiosity of most museums that tends to disassociate a visitor from the art, but with the intimacy nurtured from the blend of art, home, and nature that touches on a cultural and personal level. Showcasing works purely of Filipino artists that proudly depict our heritage, the blend of traditional architecture and contemporary art expresses Filipino art and culture at all levels, times, and ages. The museum’s art collection doesn’t focus on what is aesthetically beautiful, but what is intellectually and artistically challenging. By displaying the pieces in a space designed like a charming villa, the art lets us fully appreciate its connection to our hearts, minds, and souls.

Home is where the heart is. And at Pinto Art Museum, the art is the heart.

pinto infograph
Photos by Moesha de Guia; Infographic by Christian Mateo

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