Pinto Art Museum: A door to the soul

1. Pinto 1
Every youth has a knack for adventure—especially if that adventure might lead us to a secret haven of art. A group of college kids bitten with wanderlust, we banded together to bask in the artistic genius hidden within the walls of the Pinto Art Museum, an art collection owned by one of the foremost neurologists in the country and well-known patron of the arts, Dr. Joven Cuanang.

Located at 1 Sierra Madre Street in Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal, Pinto Art Museum is approximately a three-hour journey from Imus (pit stops not included) that costs roughly 240 pesos for round trip fare and 100 pesos for the museum entrance at a student rate. (See full directions on page 4.)


1. Pinto 2
With a step through the doorway of Pinto Art Museum, you can easily forget about the costly and dragging four-hour journey with a destination as heavenly as this. Feast your eyes on the innovative integration of art and nature that will leave anyone amazed. Before admiring the art, visitors should take a chance to admire the museum itself. A piece of art itself, the museum is 1.3 hectares (about the size of the Oval) of “eyegasm” as one of us put it, transporting visitors to the Mediterranean coast with a mix of Spanish, Italian, and Greek aesthetic feels.


2. Ambiance
The Ambience
The open-air design feels like you’ve stepped into a homeowner’s villa—or an artist’s expanded art studio—turned inside out. An art museum is incomplete without a little oddity, and at Pinto, it’s the art that’s placed inside the buildings while the furniture is dispersed on the outside lawns and pathways. Complete with rustic wood pieces and antique white iron beds and sofas, the museum exudes a homey vibe that makes each artwork feel personal.

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