Patriot spikers fall to Elites, 0-3

With lack of morale and defense, the DLSU-D Patriots spikers’ head coach Alfraz-in Alduwahab substituting as their starting setter failed to rally back against the Elites men’s volleyball team after their 20-25, 16-25, and 17-25 submission to the opponent’s dominance in the Imus Volleyball League (IVL) Invitational 2016 at the City of Imus Sports Complex on November 20.

Patriots in distress

In their debut in the IVL to compete against Cavite teams coming from various volleyball associations, the DLSU-D spikers were left stunning during the first set when the Elite spikers started the first frame on a high note, 12-4. Stealing the momentum, Patriot ace players Eddiemar Kasim and Aidam Adam combined six points through their lethal services and chance ball attempts along with the opponent’s errors, 11-15. Unfazed by DLSU-D’s run, the Elites kept their composure and survived the Patriots, 20-25.


Despite lacking reception, the Patriots kept the digits close during the start of the second set by tallying points in between the opponent’s plays, 11-13. With the lack of placement shots and smart plays, DLSU-D continued to throw away attacks outside the court and got roofed by the Elites, 14-20. Creating a point from a broken play, Adam scored from a smart drop ball from the back row while Kasim scored a cross court attack. However, the Elites’ Genesis Pedrasta quickly ended the run and scored the three last points from a successful joust and block spikes to finish the second canto, 16-25.

The green-and-white squad still couldn’t find their rhythm, forcing them to commit a series of errors and they eventually found themselves in a 7-20 hole. Regardless of their team’s late chase down, the Elites ceaseless attacks took down the Patriots, 17-25.

The DLSU-D Patriots will try to bounce back in their second game against the Rockwell volleyball team on Sunday, November 27, 10 AM at the same venue.