“Naruto Run” stopped by SWAFO

The viral “Naruto Run” Facebook event inviting DLSU-D students to run “ninja-style” from Rotunda to the University Food Square was halted by Student Welfare and Formation Office earlier this afternoon.

The run, which started as an event invite on Facebook titled “Naruto Run mula Rotonda hanggang Food Square,” was organized by the Patriots e-Sports Community, an unofficial organization composed of DLSU-D students. The invite, which was posted early this month, had already gathered more than 4,400 interested and more than 800 going netizens.

The gathering of dozens of student bystanders and runners at the stretch of Rotunda to the University Food Square was cut short when the SWAFO deployed officers to monitor the area, blocking the way, and intercepting the first few runners, with an officer even caught on video by a DLSU-D student pulling the ID lanyard of one runner.

Paperwork and permission required

When asked regarding the cause of the event’s halt, SWAFO Director John Casidsid explained, “Actually, there is no event. Kase wala naman paperworks [or] official na paalam sa OSS (Office of Student Services).”

According to Casidsid, the administration became aware of the impending event last Wednesday after a student tipped off General Services Office (GSO) Director Edwin Bunag about the “Naruto Run”. The event was then brought to the attention of Casidsid and OSS Dean Dr. Mario Torres. Since Friday,last week, September 22,  Casidsid and the SWAFO have been searching for the organizers of the even;, however, they were prevented from calling the attention of students due to exam week.

Kung gusto niyo, walang problema,” said Casidsid in response to the attempted Naruto Run. However, he explained that the event should have only pushed through had there been official and legal paperwork.

In the aftermath following the failed event, Casidsid mentioned that the organizer of the event will be contacted by SWAFO, if he or she will be found.

Casidsid furthered, “Trabaho naming i-guide kayo for the peace and order of the campus. Diyan lang kami, to guide you. Kaya lang, walang paperworks sa amin.”

The SWAFO Director emphasized that in order for students to hold an official event, paperwork must be secured, or else, “Baka mag-cause nila ng disruption ng academic functions… Actually, commotion ‘yan.”

Due to the supposed “disruption” or “commotion” caused by the attempted Naruto Run, the event qualifies for a major offense, as stated in the DLSU-D 2014-2018 Student Handbook.

“Category 3 ‘yon [of Major Offenses under the Code of Conduct], ang sanction ‘yon ay [level] 3, 4, 5 sa manual. 3 is suspension of 6 to 9 days, 4 ay suspension of 12 days to non-readmission, ang 5 ay exclusion to expulsion,” explained Casidsid. As such, the organizers of the event will face sanctions, “If [they] are doing things na makaka-disrupt sa peace and order sa community.”

However, the organizers and participants violated a rule under the Category 2, not Category 3, under Major Offenses, which the following is listed down as a major offense: “v. Deliberate disruption of the academic function or any University activity or any other intentional act which tends to create disorders, tumult, breach of peace or any serious disturbance although not connected with any academic function or school activity, including entering a class or breaking into any university function without the permission of those concerned. (Page 112).”

The sanctions for Category 2 major offenses include level 2, 3, and 4 sanctions, which are the following: “2. Suspension of: Minimum of 3 days to maximum of 5 days,” “3. Suspension of: Minimum of 6 to maximum or 9 days,” and “4. Suspension of: 12 days to non-readmission.”

Students’ safety

Noting the importance of wearing an ID and the addition of several security services, the SWAFO Director emphasized that their actions are, “para sa safety ng students.”

“Meron ng danger, may threat sa lahat ng school. Gagawin lang namin ng trabaho namin,” clarified Casidsid. “Sana maintidihan ng mga estudyante, hindi kami killjoy, basta bigyan niyo na lang ng permit, and then I will assign a SWAFO formatore to take care of you here. Mag-clear pa kami ng dadaan, pero walang permit [ang Naruto Run]. We are doing our part.”

The organizers initially clarified in the Facebook event group that the event will be cancelled if “school officials request to dismiss the event.” The Facebook pages “Patriots e-Sport Community” and its affiliate “Edgy lozol’ meme’s” were taken down after the event.

The said Naruto run event was inspired by the Naruto Run trend which has been taking place around world as part of the 18th anniversary of the anime Naruto. In Laguna, the University of the Philippines – Los Banos held their own Naruto Run which gathered hundreds of participants and was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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