Living that dream home life with Adorable Home

A new game has arrived in town, one that invites you in like a familiar person. Mobile game developer HyperBeard Inc. introduces a game perfect for anyone who is all about cats, decorating homes, and basically living the dream life with your dream partner. Launched January this year, Adorable Home is a game that lets you live a cozy and uncomplicated life—far from all the chaos in the real world.



Putting the home in Adorable Home

Adorable Home starts from that moment of moving to a new home with your significant other and an adorable furry pet cat. What you need to worry about now is how you will make the new house feel like your home through decorating your lounge and garden in whatever way you want.

Aside from letting you freely choose your partner’s name and gender, it also lets you prepare a bento box for them, which is a prominent expression of love in Japanese culture. 

There are also mini-games revolving around taking care of your cats, which requires a test of patience. You have to know just where to pet your cats, be careful when trimming their claws, and find that balanced shower temperature. There is also a feature that lets you capture and collect moments with the cats just being themselves, like what typical cat moms and dads do. 

The world of the welcoming virtual home

Adorable Home thrives in the joy of building and bringing an ideal home to life with the possibilities brought by its customization options. It makes a personalized virtual home happen through its simple take on world-building that is completely shaped by the player’s preferences. This life simulation game captures the feel of a home being a personal bubble filled with everything that brings you joy. 

But what about the money to afford anything in the game? You won’t need it here. Love is the main currency in which the game runs. Love can buy you anything in this game, which is something that we can’t do in real life. We have a tendency to treat love as a luxury that we can’t always afford to have, and this game turns this idea around through giving an opportunity to spoil your beloved with all the love that you can give.

Making an ideal home a possibility, at least in our phones, is at the heart of the charm of Adorable Home. It does not demand much of your time as it only requires you to carry out short routine tasks, like taking care of your cats and preparing food for your special someone. It may sound boring and repetitive to some people looking for thrill and excitement in games, but what could make you keep on coming back is the idea of living an uncomplicated life that does not require much to feel gratified.


As a life simulation game, Adorable Home shows a simple life thriving in the little things that sparks joy, like matching the color of the sofa to your coffee table and capturing that picture-perfect moment of your cat just being its cute self. It is a simulation of uncomplicated happiness from the small things that we should at least try to remember for being simply adorable.

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