JPIA ‘revolutionizes’ modern Filipino accountants with KKK 2017

With the aim to “revolutionize” the modern Filipino accountants, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) DLSU-D, in partnership with the Cavite Junior Philippine Institute of Accounts and Accounting Enrichment Society, spearheaded the Kapihan at Kumustahan ng mga Kabitenyo (KKK) 2017 for the third installment of their accounting conference on December 3 at the Ugnayang La Salle.

Eyeing to redefine the modern Filipino accountants, JPIA presented KKK 2017 with the tagline “The Filipino Accountant: Changing, Adapting, Evolving” aiming to give student participants a clearer understanding of the dynamic accountancy profession and to provide deeper knowledge of the kind of accountant they aim to be upon entering the professional world of work.


Historical undertones

Jadol-on shared that the theme of KKK 2017 is rooted from JPIA’s aim to revolutionize the way of learning, change the “conventional” format of accounting seminars, and create a ripple of change among aspiring accountants.

“We used the theme of [the] KKK revolution as it is a very impactful event in the Philippine history, similar to the goal of KKK 2017,” he furthered.

Moreover, Jadol-on explained that JPIA used the ancient Filipino script Baybayin as a way to promote Filipino cultural heritage to the participants.

“It is an effort on our part to encourage patriotism to other local chapters,” Jadol-on expressed.


Expert input

JPIA invited notable speakers from different sectors of the accounting profession, such as the government, commerce and industry, and public practice, who discussed their working experiences and workplace environments

The set of speakers included Provincial Accountant in the Provincial Government of Cavite Lauro Monzon, first Vice President and Controller of Philippine National Bank James Patrick Bonus, and Senior Manager for Assurance in SyCipGorresVelayo & Corp. Shane Dave Tanguin.

For the first talk, Tanguin shared his sentiments on the opportunity that awaits student participants for simply being able to attend KKK 2017. “I never had the opportunity in my school wherein I would be able to learn what are the possible career paths I could take,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bonus suggests student accountants add balance in their lifestyle and find time “to relax”.

“Don’t forget to play hard when you work hard… ‘di puro trabaho,” he expressed.


Monzon also shared his sentiments as he looks forward to students to work in the government, “Try to find your purpose in life, and you’ll be satisfied.”

In order to prepare student participants entering the accounting profession, Cara Crisostomo from Benzac, one of the event sponsors, gave a short talk on personality development, highlighting the importance of first impressions in job interviews, and provided the students tips in the proper attire for professionals.

With Accountancy student participants from all over Cavite, such as Far Eastern University-Cavite, Polytechnic University-Maragondon, St. Dominic College of Asia, Emilio Aguinaldo College-Cavite, and the National College of Science and Technology, JPIA DLSU-D President Blessed Ian Jadol-on shared that KKK 2017 is a rare opportunity for future leaders of the business industry to “strengthen their kinship” in open conversations with peers and friends.

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