Green Patriots eye final four spot in LoL Collegiate League 2017

A new wave of sports tournament is upon us as various DLSU-D Green Patriots participate in the third annual League of Legends (LoL) Collegiate League (LCL)—battling against fellow students from all over the country.


In this year’s LCL, DLSU-D made it past the qualifiers and top 32, making it to the top 16 of the national tournament. Yesterday, May 6, the Green Patriots crushed the University of Caloocan City Ninja Turtles, 2-0, and locked in with the St. Louis University Deus Vult, 1-1, leading Group D of the Interconference groups with three wins and one loss.

Aiming to secure a spot in the final four, the Green Patriots needs a 2-0 win-loss record for their next match on May 27 against the University of the Philippines – Diliman Oblation Esports. The grand prize of the tournament is a whopping P55,000, with P35,000 for the players and the remaining P20,000 going to the University.


Green Patriots represent

Making up the Green Patriots, seven DLSU-D students have taken up the green mantle to compete in LCL with a brand new roster. The team consists of 5 regular players, namely Marc “Asta” Perez, Angelo “MadGod” Perez, Ewrin “Kei” Gaa, Jhousef “Scyther” Roc, and Archie “ArchMon” Ordovez, with two substitutes Gia “Zeroth” Llanes and Joshua “Chameleone” Burgos.

Carrying the reputation of DLSU-D in the e-sports scene might seem like a heavy weight on their shoulders, but the GP don’t seem to mind at all. According to them, it’s all about playing—and winning. Most of the members have already been playing League of Legends for about 5-6 years, which is more than enough time to gain the skills and experience as individual players and winning competitors. With more practice and ample improvement in their teamwork, the Green Patriots are confident that they have the tournament and the prize money in the bag—and probably even have a victory party buffet at Vikings, or so they plan.

As for the fellow students and people who have been rooting for the GP, team captain Marc “Asta” Perez thanks all of the DLSU-D students—particularly those from CSCS—for the continuous support. Since most of the team will be graduating next academic year, Erwin “Kei” Gaa calls out to all the up-and-coming cyber athletes to keep on practicing, rising in divisions, getting better at the game, and hopefully replacing them as DLSU-D’s next generation of League of Legends representatives.

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