Former USC VP speaks out on resignation, USC Auditor explains LOA

Former University Student Council (USC) 2017-2018 Vice President (VP) Risstin Limalima shared the reason behind her resignation from office together with USC 2017-2018 Auditor Tim Cruz who shared the reason behind his declaration for a leave of absence (LOA).

Former USC VP explained that she resigned from office due to the provision set for student leaders in the USC constitution found in Article VII Section 2b, wherein a failing grade in any subjects enrolled immediately before and/or during his/her term shall disqualify a USC officer to continue holding office.

Limalima said that the USC extended the grace period for her to hold office, “Knowing that that is my situation, USC gave me a grace period, kasi kung babasehin natin sa USC Constitution, 3 days lang yung grace period for me to have (retain) my position.” She explained.

According to Limalima USC granted her an extension in office to further justify her failure in one subject, adding that they [she and the students who have failed that subject] are still trying to prove the validity of the grading system set by their professor.

“Until now we are still in contest with our grades … maco-contest pa namin siya, mababalik pa namin yung totoong grade namin.” She stated.

However, Limalima decided to officially resign from office because the conflict of the failing grade will take months to resolve. She also added that she stepped down from office to avoid unjust allegations from students and student leaders and apparent unfair treatment from the USC.

As to what will be her plan following her resignation, Limalima assured co-officers that she would still help in USC, “Nandito pa din naman ako, I may not have the position … signing power of a VP of USC, but my passion to serve the students will always be there.”

Moreover, the former USC VP shared her insights to the students on setting their priorities in balance and being more involved inside the University as a training for the real world. Limalima also expressed gratitude to the co-officers in USC for the support received from them.


USC Auditor

Meanwhile, the Auditor of USC, Tim Cruz, filed for LOA effective on the second week of February 2018 until the end of the University Student Elections 2018 campaign period (three calendar weeks).

According to Cruz, he vacated the position for auditor in preparation for the upcoming elections, “I’m going to run again for a certain position in the upcoming election under TATAG Lasalyano.” He said.

The current acting VP of USC is Gelo Dela Cruz, as of press time, the LB together with the USC EB is still determining who will fill the vacant position for Auditor. The said officer shall serve only for the unexpired term.