Exploring Davao: A sip of summer

Rainy season has just begun, but the summer heat still swathes Davao City where every individual bitten by wanderlust ought to pay a visit just before June ends.

More than just the abode of iron-fisted Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City transports visitors to loads of astonishing sites that will leave you in awe. While Davao City is a famous summer itinerary among other places in Mindanao, Davao region’s lesser-known provinces also top the list for its palatable meals and picturesque white sand beaches.


Savor the flavor: Vista View Restaurant

Upon setting foot on the Durian Capital of the Philippines, Davaoeños would surely embrace you with its mostly raw or seared Davao cuisines evolved into Mindanao’s excellent culinary bastion—from tuna panga (jaw), and crocodile lechon, to durian-flavored delicacies.

Only a 20-minute drive away from Davao International Airport, the Vista View Restaurant awaits to fill your appetite with its scrumptious cuisines and to lure your gaze to Davao Gulf’s cinematic view. This restaurant located at Hilltop, Davao City, has a touch of the traditional Filipino way of life with its outdoor gazebos and bahay kubo set on a quaint cliff top matched with life-size statues of Igorot around the wooden corners.

Aside from the usual Filipino delicacies, other reasonably-priced cuisines are offered with an exotic twist, such as crocodile steak, a raw seafood or meat dish called kilawin, grilled seafood, and ostrich sisig; each of which are made more savory by serving the food on a rattan plate perfectly covered with green banana leaves.

Visitors from abroad or the homeland are challenged to dash in exhilarating boodle fights where food served atop banana leaves are ready to be eaten with bare hands. Through the restaurant’s distinct approach to its visitors, the simplicity and tranquillity of the mountain life gives visitors the time to relish the good food in the restaurant, successfully dodging the hustle and bustle of the city.

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