ESGS 2016: For the gamer in everyone

For a generation that’s too old to play Piko, video games have proven to be a better alternative—they’re fun, exciting, and generally a lot less tiring, which is a sure clincher for a college student with little energy to spare. In light of that, PLDT Home Fibr presents one of the Philippines’ biggest annual gaming conventions—Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS).

The Comic-Con of the gaming industry, ESGS isn’t just for hardcore gamers—even the average everyday Joe is guaranteed to have a great time exploring the event exhibits. ESGS is currently on its last day at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, and with the low ticket price of 165 pesos (140 on the first day), it offers worthwhile entertainment, lots of freebies, and an experience that’s nothing short of legendary.



Inside the grounds

This year’s ESGS boasts an estimated one hundred exhibited booths containing games and purchasable goods running from 10AM to 9PM for the whole duration of the event. Food and beverages are also available at a fair price, but take note: they’re fair, not cheap so allot a minimum of 100-200 pesos for a good meal.

From the big fish of the gaming industry to small-time independent developers, game-makers really went out on a limb to showcase their fresh and upcoming games. Among the most popular are Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, NBA 2k17, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The indie gaming scene showcased Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca, Hitogotchi+, and Lost Castle. Even if you might not have heard of them before, that doesn’t make them any less phenomenal. And what’s even more awesome about all of these games is that you can try them out for free at the event, making you one of their first players ever because most of them haven’t even been officially launched yet. How’s that for a sneak peek?

Though the entrance fee might be low-cost, the merchandise might be a bit pricey for some. You can find anything from top-tier computer equipment to toys, accessories, clothes, and posters of games, anime and everything in between. If you want to walk out of the venue with your favorite Gundam figure, you’re going to have to bring your savings with you.



The highlights

Surprisingly, games aren’t the only thing ESGS has to offer. Within the three-day summit are a lot of mini-events, like tournaments for each game where attendees are chosen as the competitors with the chance to play against professional players for cash prizes. There are also freebies handed out upon participating in some game booths and raffles.

The official activities of ESGS include three main attractions: Brawlfest, a huge competition consisting of several fighting games including Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat XL, and Street Fighter 5. Then there’s a cosplay contest in the gaming category with a grand prize of 15,000 pesos. Lastly, the Indie Arena is an area specifically dedicated to display indie games—something that, along with the other two events mentioned above, are dubbed as the centerpiece of ESGS 2016.

Also, give it up for our local game developers who have come a long way in making quality video games. Some of the mobile games with booths in ESGS are Barangay Basketball, Catch the Guava, Unblocked Jeepney and Philippine Slam!, the official mobile game of the PBA. One small step for Filipino game creators, one giant leap for your Ginebra character and his successful dunk attempt.


With all the games you can play, collectibles you can bag, and contests you can participate in—and totally wipe the floor with everyone—ESGS 2016 is definitely a must-attend. If you missed out on the last day, there’s always next year, so don’t worry. The gaming convention appeals not only to die-hard gaming kids, but to everyone as well, because in this generation—we’re all gamers.