Embrace the struggle

The end is nigh. Or at least that’s what it feels with the political climate in this country. With almost half of 2018 coming to a close, people are angrier than ever as the news is becoming eerily similar to us each day reaching the Twilight Zone with each unlawful and downright questionable decision made by those in positions of power; including but not limited to, independent news outlets given the kill switch, Chief Justices ousted through unconstitutional means, China showing support for the government, and straight-up plagiarizers voted for Senate President.

The struggle to make sense of every happening in the country is not an easy one, and unfortunately the quick way out is to cut the process at that moment of realization—the very least we can do. But we must realize that there is a larger fight churning among the majority of the Filipino people—the continued struggle in fighting for the change we deserve.

According to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa during a recent campus journalism press conference in Manila, “There is nothing more dangerous than those who lurk in the stands of social issues.” And it’s true, as there is a certain danger in the ones who silence their own opinions, those who unequip themselves from the power they have. These are the people that do not acknowledge their privilege, and do not use the platform they have for the betterment of those who need it. Although they don’t have the intention to malign, each individual voice counts when it comes to fighting for what’s right.

The continued struggle in fighting for the change we deserve

In a country where whoever has the loudest microphone have the most say, it can be overwhelming to speak out and join the struggle, as it is the easy choice to see the struggle go on through our newsfeed while taking comfort in knowing that at least you know. But speaking truth to power comes at a price greater than ourselves; with the Filipino youth at the crossroads of the impending future, it’s no longer enough to be “woke”, but what you do once your eyes are opened—and that’s where the individual struggle lies. To fully immerse one’s self and understand the plight of the Filipino people is a challenge that the privileged find to be simply impossible but that should never be the case for the youth who will eventually reap the fruit we are nourishing—and whether that be abundant or rotten is entirely how we choose to treat the plights of the country right now.

It’s not a problem, but a challenge to cross the plane from knowing to doing. It will take all your power, all your time, and all your effort, but you have to do it. We have to have hope that we have the capabilities to make it better—because even what we don’t do will ripple into the history of the country. In times of doubt, remember that it is already a victory to embrace the struggle that you know in your heart is the right choice. Because we are in no Twilight Zone, and the challenges we face can’t simply be switched off with a flip of a button.